Time to sum up your level of Awareness, how Light are you?

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– Do you meditate (give yourself 3 points)
– Do you do volunteer work (+2)
– Can you feel the energitic make-up of others (+1)
– Do you enter a room and feel particular bad or high vibes in a certain spot (+1)
– Have you seen ghosts are other paranormal activity (+1)
– Have others told you you are an old soul (+1)
– Are you a succesful businessman, inventor or politician? (+2)
– Do you abstain from sex and masturbation (+2)
– Do you work with energy crystals (+1)
– Are you a vegetarian (+1)
– Do you believe death is the only way to achieve a perfect life (minus 4)
– Do you believe by forgivine others, you forgive yourself (+2)
– Have you or can you channel the voice of a spirit (+1)
– Can you read minds (+1)
– Are you interested in or have tried past life exploration (+1)
– Can you see auras (give yourself 1 point)
– Can you teleport (+5)
– Can you shapte-shift (+5)
– Can you become invisible (+5)
0-10 This is normal: Most of Humanity is located in Aspirant-level
10-25 You are an aware human, striving to make the world a better place…8% of the pop is in Disciple-level
25 + Less than 1 in 10,000 people operate at Initiate-level. You are a true spiritual genius.

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Atheist +1,000,000,000 points

richard m

i was minus 24 what does that make me?

tammys evil twin

I got a three


Dude, crack is NOT a wonderful thing.


I got a 4

bill l

k..thanx…i’m a 9..But!!..i am a disciple..how many points does that get?


14 not sure that is very good
BTW, everyone can become invisible on the internet… or can you see me?
I’d say those who score 25 or better need a therapist pronto.

Prospero Reincarnate

I’m like 260 lbs light. . .
yes, yes, eh, somethings, I’ll take half, yep, yep, HA no would I if I had one?, nope, Ha, never, yep. Love meat, nope, eh, sort of, half again., not well I’ll take PI, Not well enough, yep. Yes, No silly, Yes, no.
I scored 18.64159, approximately. I am an aware human.

waku staku!!

I have 6 points yay I’m normal


I’m not Light.
I don’t meditate.
I don’t work for crackers.
I can feel when something stinks.
When I enter a room, everything changes in it.
Haven’t seen anything supernatural, but heard lots of stories.
I’ve been told I’m an old soul, I have no idea what it means the person was vague.
I’m not.
No, I don’t. Why do you get a + on that?
I don’t work with crystals.
I love meat.
I believe life is beautiful and that death doesn’t exist, in a way.
No, why should I forgive myself if they did it wrong?
Yes, I’m ugly in the morning and uglier in the noon.
I’m always invisible, its a curse.

British Lass in Bristol

* Meditate……………3
* Volunteer…………..2
* Seen Ghost……….1
* Forgiveness………2
* Past life explo-
* Teleportation……..5

Someone who cares

If I am an aware human and I shape shift to a non-human form, does that make make an aware human, an aware non-human, or a non-aware non-human?


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