Tibetan Buddhist Chanting?






I was listening to some Zen relaxation music and came across this video of a Buddhist chanting and he’s spinning something.
Wondering what is the item he is using there, what’s it for?

I’m learning the meditating but it’s not quite working for me yet.


  1. i’m pretty sure it’s a prayer wheel. they are interesting, so you might like to look it up and read about them.

  2. That’s a prayer wheel. The writing on the outside is a prayer or mantra, and by spinning it, it basically has the same effect as chanting it. I’ve also heard the idea of the spinning motion “purifying” the air in a metaphysical way, but I don’t know if that’s just a notion attached on later by new-agers.
    By the way, there’s a funny scene in the movie “The Golden Child” where Eddie Murphy sees people in the temple spinning the wheel as they talk to the monk, so when it’s his turn to talk he moves it back and forth like a scratch record, and raps over it.

  3. they have much bigger ones than that on the outside of the temples Incorporated into the design usually at the windows (from what i’ve seen)
    i don’t no what they are actually for but there’s many of them and someone spins them every now and then and prays / chants

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