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I have a group of friends who are very interested in “spirituality”. They believe in connection with a higher power but they also believe in the Law of Attraction and manifesting material things. Now I find some of these people to lack compassion even though they consider themselves to be servants of humanity. They’ve even gone so far as to assert that the pursuit of material wealth is a spiritual pursuit. I disagree with them.
What is your take on spiritual materialism? In brief, it is the idea that for some the pursuit of spiritual matters is just another way for the ego to become fed and bloated.


  1. Hi Goodieb, please read this true and cute story,
    ?Not long ago, a monk from India was requested by the Tibetans to teach the Dharma in Tibet.
    As the monk had to stay in Tibet for a period of 7 years, he brought along a cook.
    This cook is a terrible hot-temper, grumpy, greedy, sarcastic and busybody snob and on top of that, a cook that can?t cook.
    The people, who came in contact with this cook for a minute, never fail being agitated.
    In respect to the monk, the people endured 6 days of mental torment by the cook.
    On the 7 days, the Tibetans can?t resist anymore and pleaded the monk to send the cook back to his country.
    This is the conversation:
    Tibetan: ?Dear master, we have so many excellent cooks here in Tibet. Would it be kind of you to send your cook back to your country??
    Monk: ?My dear Brothers, he is not my cook. He is my master who trains me patience.
    Without patience, we may learn what spiritual means.
    But without patience, we cannot cultivate our spirit.
    A well-cultivated spirit is able to live in harsh environment and still at peace.
    A well-cultivated spirit is able to live with harsh individuals and still at peace.
    A well cultivated spirit is able to live with the devils without being tainted by evil.??
    Lotus spring from mud and not stained by mud.
    I trust you know what I mean.

  2. The only Spiritual Materialism that one would be able to possibly ever attain,? If He or She were lucky?? Would be vast Knowledge of the FATHER and the SON.
    All other Materialism stays here. Spiritual will go with you.
    GOD Bless YA,
    Chicago Bob. (Imasinner)
    Please pray for our Country and Our President (DAILY)
    There is more Joy in JESUS in 24 hours, Than there is in the World in 365 Days. I have tried them both.(ME TO)
    R.A. Torrey.

  3. BIGGEST mis conception of spirituality is that you need to be broke and un successful. God did say are reward is in heaven but why people believe you must be poor and suffer on earth is beyond me. You work hard but God first keep your heart pure DONT see your soul for riches and the money you come in contact with genuine. Greed and selfishness stems from what people do with money not money itself.
    People can use money to buy 3 houses for greed or 3 houses for them and their family there’s a difference. Have 5 cars its you business but don’t have them and your mom is still living in bad conditions and that goes to most rappers.
    A pursuit of spiritual growth i think LEADS to the universe opening up to you and showing you all it has to offer. The law of attraction teaches you to be more open minded and fearless when it comes to making certain decisions. Also being positive which is taught in church is all attracting good things to yourself and redirecting negativity i.e thinking you don’t deserve something, having low self esteem. The closer i get to God the closer i get to happiness and in turn success comes from that

  4. I think I understand what you’re driving at. One of the assumptions underlying spiritual materialism is the notion that our lives isn’t naturally and neatly compartmentalized, nor should it be. Spiritual and mundane overlap each other fluidly and normally. I agree iwth this assumption. I also agree that this spiritual materialism is a way to cater to one’s ego without any real checks.
    The pursuit of wealth is not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t lead to happiness or compassion or kindness or wisdom. What it leads to is more money. Money and acquisitions are good when they meet your basic needs and allow you to live comfortably. But when you start pursuing wealth for its own sake, then you become a slave to it. The more you acquire, the more you worry about and worry about losing it. The more you worry, the more time and effort you put into to protecting what you have. You become chained to the thing that was supposed to set you free!
    Your friends are wrong in their reasoning. There is a mountain of research and anecdotal evidence that says they are incorrect.

  5. The more spiritual a person truly becomes the less they need those material things. But you know that there will always be those who try to twist spiritual principle to thier own purpose.

  6. my extent of material spiritualism is… God knows what I need and what I want. He, like any dad, wants to give me gifts and if it’s positive thinking to keep in mind that He is going to give me little surprises that bless me, and I should positively accept them, so be it. My mindful trust in Him is positive thinking, sure. Take Christ out of it and you have the Law of Attraction. But I don’t believe it works without Christ in it. He’s the center of everything good. And we do not manifest anything without Him. Yeah, humanism… not of God, greed… not of God. They’re not even following the Law of Attraction if they step on others to get what they want, the teaching of that is “For the good of ALL”, is it not?
    materialism, especially to an elevated degree in something like spirituality, attempts to make material possession and wealth the measure of a person, not only physically, but now spiritually. it’s a bunch of b.s. that’s my take.

  7. I find that to be nonsense. True spirituality has no concern of material gain or wealth. Those who try to apply higher laws for selfish reasons gain nothing.

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