thoughts on aleister crowley??

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aleister crowley said alot of things that made sense to me but what are your opinions on him??

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vauxhall diesel owner

wasn’t he meant to be the wickedest man in the world?

Josh B

He was an idiot. If you ever read anything he wrote you will immediately be slapped in the face by his abundant idiocy. Jimmy Page and everyone else in the 60’s and 70’s was into that occult/pseudo science/black magic crap but much like Anton Levy (sp?) he was not mentally capable of convincingly pulling off his philosophies without a bunch of BS hokus-pokus.


Black magicians entice you with truth and then sabotage them with subtle distortions.
He and L Ron Hubbard were cut out of the same cloth.
It may be your purpose to see through his mistakes, but like Hubbard he always focused on personal power of the ego, which is illusion, not the true divine power that we are.
No false teachers can be all wrong or we wouldn’t listen to them


Don’t take Crowley’s “advice” about your cat. Leave it alone, or else I hope the S.P.C.A. throws the book at you.


I learned about Crowley through Robert Anton Wilson. I never thought about it as ‘real’ magic. What was interesting about his ideas were the kind of psychological magik that it spoke of. Such as screwing with your mind in certain ways in order to summon an inner strength and will to crystallize your intention. In the end though, which was only a couple of months, I became disillusioned with these ideas. They’re too obscure and contradictory to be useful. Personally, Buddhist mindfulness and the Eight Fold Noble Path has been the most truthful and effective for me.


Well, Gurdjieff had a pretty low opinion of him. In fact, I believe he told him that he was “filthy, inside”.
That can’t be good…

where's my glasses?

A poser, a charlatan, a fake.

Kirra Blackhart aifaM nagaP

A brilliant, talented, intelligent, highly misunderstood man.
Those who think otherwise simply do not have high level of mental function needed to understand his works.
KB, Pagan

Tahuti Reincarnate

He was probably as crazy as hell. He was most definitely a jerk to many of the people closest to him. (read any bio, though my favorite is the Francis one) His sexual tastes would put him on the outskirts of any society, but especially the Victorian England he lived in.
However, he was a genius, and perhaps the most intelligent man in England during his life. (He made Yeats sound like a moron, and feel little… shortly afterwards Yeats tried to have Crowley kicked out of the Masonic club they both belonged to)
As with most people speaking at that level, he had no way to communicate with those of us who aren’t geniuses. So, he hid his philosophy in pretentious Victorian language, koan like absolutes, poems, jokes and hocus pocus.
Most people who read Crowley don’t get him. More than half of us who think we get him don’t. But, nobody can honestly read Crowley and say there’s nothing there. It’s near impossible (If you are of average intelligence) to read anything by him and come away thinking he’s “evil,” but that he used that “evil” persona as a blanket. He had something he thought was of utmost importance to say to the world, and wrote his message in thousands upon thousands of chapters of work. He was an inspired man. The biggest wall people come to is when they feel they need to worship their “heros” or anyone that writes philosophy or theology. Would Jesus’s message have been any less powerful if he had been an imperfect man? (rephrased) Does Jesus’s message stand on it’s own, or does it have to come from the mouth of a perfect ‘christ’? Crowley, with all his imperfections, could not carry his philosophy by likeability of personality, but rather has his philosophy stand on it’s own.

Mysterious Panda

He was a Spy for the british & German governments during the war. He also had many contacts within other embassies and was known worldwide as “The Beast666”
This stems from the magical gatherings he held. He knew many magicans around the world and had friends in high places. These gathering he would hold started out as a place that like minded people could learn and teach each other, but because of Aleister’s temper towards some the people, It disbanded.
He was a very acomplished Dark magican and knew the power of the mind. It was his Ego that gave him that power, and it sent him crazy…
He was a Sith…
Wether you are Jedi or Sith, remember this…
Its all of the mind, and its how we play the illusion of life…
Only the Force is real…
Its in the heart, not the mind.
May the Force be with you…


The great wise teachers from East are Buddha Jesus Muhhamed Gandhi. What mission of East is?

The great wise teachers from East are Buddha Jesus Muhhamed Gandhi. What mission of East is?

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