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Those who practice Tarot: What is the meaning of the Tower card?

I had a single-card reading yesterday morning and drew the Tower. It was a good day, no conflicts, but in the afternoon I got a call to interview for a new career and I’m feeling nervous, now. Any insight is greatly appreciated. (Also, sorry for posting under Mythology–I didn’t want Jesusfreaks posting their opinions all over my question.)


  1. Keep in mind I am no expert on Tarot cards, I just use them for meditation and I don’t do readings.
    The Tower usually represents all that you have built up around yourself. In this card you see that the tower is on fire and there are cracks in the tower and people jumping out. (911 reminded me of the Tower card) It can mean that your world is about to come crumbling down.
    All the consequences of your past actions will come to light. You can be liberated by this. It means having a clean slate. Basically something drastic is going to happen and your life will never be the same.

  2. Hello
    The Tower represents the ego & the lightening the hand of God/Fate. It represent change. Letting the past go, seeing the truth.

  3. usually in my experiences of reading the tower has always came up as a need to build and create a better foundation…like everything is starting to crumble around you and ne need to take care of it and fix it…hope this helps

  4. Different readers will have different interpretations. My interpretation is, and pardon my language, “sh*t hitting the fan”. Basically your world is crumbling, destruction, ruin, – not generally a good card. Again, that is my interpretation and may differ from yours.

  5. The tower card means that something built on lies or falsehood will be revealed and often painfully. Consider that new career VERY carefully, they may not be telling you the truth. I think you sense this on some level or you wouldn’t be nervous about it. On the plus side, the tower card represents something old giving way for something new. It will be painful to endure but in the long run will be for the best(for example: finding out your love has been unfaithful, but getting rid of him or her will open the door to a new relationship). Good lick.

  6. The Tower card can indicate sudden and unexpected changes in events and can often represent problems or delays relating to the home.
    Like the Death card, the Tower represents a very powerful change in life, which could leave you feeling in a weak position and helpless.
    Whether material or emotional upset, this card encourages you to see that such upheavals can force new directions that in the long run can be more beneficial.
    The main thing to point out with this rather negative card is that this phase will pass and that a new direction or new opportunities can be created from it.
    Positive connotations associated with this card are re-evaluation, necessary change and a blessing in disguise.
    Negative connotations associated with this card are sudden change, or disruption.


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