• most astrologers or followers of astrology believe in it because they want to or because it is convenient, the reasons it seems so accurate is because of the ‘Forer effect’
    astrology and birth charts have been systematically disproved more than once, it seems accurate but if an individual is given multiple birth charts, with only one of which being his own, after reviewing them the odds he will pick his is no greater than if he chose one blind.

  • I agree with Lucinda, the moon phases and planet may affect people but i don’t believe the astrology bits in magazines and newspapers though they are fun to read anyway.

  • As far as those astrologers that you find in the daily newspapers, no. If they were anywhere near accurate, there would only be 12 different types of people in the entire world. I did have my personal chart done by a professional astrologer and it was absolutely on target in describing my every characteristic. I gained so much insight into the hows and whys of my make up. I would highly recommended it to anyone who is interested in astrology.

  • This is not contributing to your question but I just want to point out that I fully believe that astrology is BS. I find it hard to believe that the placement of the moon affects anything that I’m doing.

  • It’s so accurate; everything about a scorpio describes me perfectly, and I was born in that period of time; it’s helped me find myself and reveal what I really feel inside. It’s amazing 😀

  • I believe that moon phases affect people, so why not planets? The moon affects water as in tidal waves and such. Well humans are over 60% water. Emotions are stimulated by your health as well as others. Imagine how that affects us!

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