Those of you who see auras, have you observed the changes during the process of death?

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I’m curious what you see a week prior to the transition from the body and what occurs during the last few days. Then within those few hours and minutes, what do you perceive?
Have you ever detected anything in the aura of a healthy person before a fatal accident?
Does anyone know of any online Kirlian photos taken during this time?

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Please get real. Kerlian photos are because of slight natural charge leakage as in electrons and not psychic stuff. Auras do not exist. Please join us in the present century or get a job ripping people off by saying you see aura.


Aura’s are a peak spiritual event in one’s life, and is more or less like the wombchild getting a code to get ready for it’s journey from womb world to intergalactic space, via the blue planet. I have seen aura’s but I’m most impressed with what happen’s when someone who love’s you dies, there spiritual presence doesn’t want to leave, and you have to ask them, (in spiritual communication-which I can’t tell you how it happen’s,although it is part of thought), the departing soul spiral’s around the loved one. Dead people alive are known to eskimo community’s and help; pre=given to family of death


Must be very eerie. Wow having to go around seeing people glow all the time.
They should stop eting those mush=rooms and trying to tell us they see such things.


People don’t see auras. Those that tell you they do either are liars or really have deluded themselves. If you really pressure one of these aura-enamored fruitcakes, you’ll get them to admit that they don’t actually “see” it visually but they sense it. Another word for that is — you guessed it — IMAGINATION.


Ok, check out what Willoyaboy says, and then completely disreguard it, because its stupid. People dont see auras and they dont change colors. I am not even a skeptic of the supernatural. But this concept is just used by fortune tellers, mediums, and other fake psychics. Note: all these arts are forbidden in the Bible.

Fairy Queen

When a person is dying the aura changes dramatically. I have observed the auras of people prior to death. First the aura fades and weakens, and then, a week or so before death it expands, changing into a beautiful pale Blue shot through with Silver sparks. The life they are living behind causes their aura to fade and get weak because their body is getting weak and the life that they have is slipping away. Just before death the body realizes soon there will be a new life and the color starts to come back.


Well, gene says aura’s don’t exist so I guess there is no point in answering this…lol.
I perceive a lightness, a glow, more white, sometimes…it really depends on if the person was in let-go or still struggling…auras can be dark if the person cannot let go…I haven’t been around that many ppl at death so I don’t have much to add here.
I’ve never seen anyone before a fatal accident.
Sorry, not a whole lot to add, but some of these answers are very informative.
Great question.


I have seen many people who are sick but don’t realize it, and then have heart attacks or strokes shortly thereafter. I also can see death coming in elderly people. The aura gets close to the body and dark. The life force is ebbing.


I do not actually see auras but, I do have a psychic sense that has always inabled me to know when a patient is close to death. I have known more often than not with those on my wing. I could sense it each time. A few tiemes the patients were not even that bad off. I learned that the feeling I had was a precurser. There was a feeling in the air. An electric sense about the room. I have been unfortunate to actually be there for many passings. It is a feeling undescribable. I can feel an energy around that is not of this world. There is often a look in their eyes and I would just know. I have now taken a step away from this line of work and though I miss what I had done, I am glad to not see constant death.

Mysterious Bob

I’ve only seen someone die twice, and both times I was not paying attention to their aura. The first time, I was busy being grief-stricken. The second time, I was busy trying not to be killed as well. But next time I see someone die (let it be a long time please) I will pay attention.
I have noticed a large mass of energy, usually the same color as the person’s aura, rising rather powerfully out of the body. Not floating like you would expect, more like rocketing out. It appears to be going up, but it is an illusion caused by attempting to perceive a multi-dimensional occurence.


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