those little circles/bubbles that show up sometimes in photos, are they auras, or dead people's spirits?





i heard on some ghost walk that i was on that the little circles or bubble-looking things that are sometimes in the background of pictures are spirits and it means dead people are hanging around there.
has anyone else heard this? is it true?
if it isn’t, does anyone know why those little auras are there?? is it just a weird light reaction?
has anyone else noticed these? lol. because they really bother me sometimes, when i think there are spirits in my house or something!


  1. I have heard this too if it is a lens or light problem then why arn’t these bubbles in every photo just a selected few…. same position and place only bubbles in one or two photos, taken in the same place. Wouldnt they be in every photo? So i do believe in spirits and always see bubbles in photos of my husband that i take here at home at night…

  2. It’s caused by the interplay of light in the lens and the camera housing. Sometimes its caused by light reflecting of the front and back of the lens a few times before hitting the film/imager. Sometimes some light bounces off the edge of the hole that the light goes through. Sometimes its some smudge or residue on the surface of the lens.
    They become fuzzy and hazy because they are not in focus – they are blurred – which makes them look ghost-like.
    I read an article recently about a place that had “ghosts” on their security video tapes. A researcher went down there and recreated the “ghosts” by putting ladybugs on the lens – the ladybugs walked around and created little ghostly blurs that moved around the picture. Since they were out of focus, you couldn’t really tell what they were.
    Ghosts – NO – light effects – yes.

    • Spirits – YES – light effects – Yes.
      I recently returned from Nicaragua where I experienced many incredible synchronicities and had a similar effect on only one photo in hundreds that I had taken (mostly of a technical/documentary nature of objects built and repaired, and of facilities), but in one of a young person with a particular graceful/innocent/open demeanor I saw many “bubbles” or circles of light. When I showed some of my photos to a therapist teammate (this was a physical rehab training trip) without my providing any commentary she noted that the one with the circles of light was of a spiritual nature and that the same had occurred for her a few times in family photos after a family member had died.
      I remember meeting a woman who once demonstrated the effect for me by pointing her camera at the sky on a dark night (and thus no direct lighting for lens or camera reflective scattering effects) and produced a photo with such bubbles. She ascribed it to the spirits that are all around us, and that they can be conjured at will (as she had done for the photo) to provide support and guidance.
      I’ve had numerous people share with me stories of their seeing visible spirits, often after the death of a loved one. Some of these people were professionals working in mainstream, rationalistic, scientifically based professions, so were hesitant to admit such sightings without complete confidentiality.
      So, YES, spirits are visible and real (for some), and yes, it’s a trick of light. lens, camera, if need be (for others). It’s like the ball bouncing in the train in Einstein’s thought experiment. The person in the train swears the ball is only going up and down, and can produce a video of the effect to prove it, while the person on the ground swears the ball is creating an arc, and can produce a video of the effect to prove it. Maybe they are both right.

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