HomeDiscussion ForumThis woman thinks auras and crystal healing is real? HA.?

This woman thinks auras and crystal healing is real? HA.?

why do some feel the need to surround themselves with the delusions of myth, superstition, and the supernatural. I dont understand.


  1. Why’s it matter? I think it’s a load of crap too, but if she enjoys it then why rain on her parade? She probably knows herself that it doesn’t work, but she has fun doing it. Let her be, I don’t see how it concerns you.

  2. Because it’s their beliefs and their life. If you don’t agree with them, that’s just too bad.
    Just think, do you like people shoving religions down your throat? Um, no. So, why be a hypocrite?

  3. You have no idea until you dive into the unknown. I see you are closed minded. Just stay in your comfort zone and leave the mysticism to the professionals.

  4. Why ask a question if you are just going to give a thumbs down to any answer that does not agree with your view point?
    People are free to believe whatever they want, no matter what you say about it or do about it, in the end, its her beliefs. I’m pretty sure your opinion means very little to her if you are posting on here trying to get people to agree with you to support your own ego. Rather immature don’t you think?

  5. Human intelligence is a Bell Curve. Unfortunately, someone has to be on the flat part. This group is full of believers in ghosts, aliens and New Age crap like crystal healing and auras.
    Here is an interesting Wiki about Emily Rosa, the youngest person to ever get an article published in the JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association. Read it. Send a copy to the woman that thinks auras and crystal healing are real. You may have to help her with the big words.

  6. You are going to get reported. We don’t go around picking fights with you atheists we show you respect to your beliefs even though we don’t agree with them. The people over here are far more intelligent than the christians you’ve been picking at. You are a troll and a flame baiter. So beat it or you will be reported.


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