This question is for people who practice black magick.?

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I need a spell that will inflict a massive emotional headach and will not go away till that person returns my belongings. hey that person started the emotional hell by putting it on me first. I’m simply fighting back.

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why dont you send them something more positive that will be more beneficial in the long run
isn’t there a spell to make people have a conscience ?

Maurice H

Two wrongs dont make a right
Respond to the persons wrong with love joy and peace


first black magic doesn’t actually work like this , second its hard to make it do what you want , true you can make spells but most either don’t work or don’t come up with the desired effect .


You are liable to get more that you bargained for


This is blatantly against the Wiccan Rede (‘An it harm none) and is a BAD, BAD idea. To cause pain and harm to another person means that the negative karma will come back to bite you hard.
You are best off doing a spell to help you deal with the situation (perhaps a healing spell or a calming one) so that YOU can heal/mend and get over the bad situation you had been in.

chris j

the backlash would just hurt you more. i would persue legal matters for getting your stuff back.

Timothy Y

here is what you’ll need: One dead cat, eye of newt, oh hell,
forget that gump just
turn the other cheek, karma will do the payback for you.


Voodoo IS NOT real. Spells and potions aren’t real…. you watch too many shows like Charmed. Why don’t you be a grown up and just ask for your stuff back…


This is a bad bad idea. If it didn’t have its intended effect on you, what would make you think it would work the way you want on the other person. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Change your strategy and turn the course of the war.


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