i am a christian and believe in God,i have fallen for this guy who happens to be a very well known medium/psychic who is extremely popular and very accuarte and good at his job,and i know her likes me too,we have been friends for a long time and he is very sweet.
my only problem is,it says in the bible that you should not consult with mediums /fortune tellers etc… because the dead and dead and you cannot communicate with the dead,and mediums that do,are hearing demonic spirits ,posing as the dead to decieve and trick you.
he’s a really nice guy and i dont see him as a medium ,but as my friend and someone i am falling for,i like the man ,i dont think about what he does as a job,when we are together,
should i go ahead and date him,or is is un christian,demonic and unsafe to to like someone like that ,i dont wanna go against my faith and God,but we really like each other and get on so well.


  • maybe you’re the one being mean, spiteful, and narrow minded. im just trying to help you. because no logical person is a “medium” and no logical person would worry about coming into contact with unsafe demons during dinner and a movie. just think about how ridiculous this is.

  • Girl, you’re in need of a reality check. Gonna let God determine what you should or shouldn’t do? Love is personal. Why let some God interfer and say,”Girl, if you do this then you will go to hell!” WTF?!

    Do what you want to do. Although, this pyschic is good. My hunch is that he’s manipulating you coz all he has to do is fake his personality in order to get you to like him. All guys do that because it gives them a fighting chance. Why they do it? Simple….girls refuse to see pat their outer and inner qualities. Instead the girls and women prefer to live in a delusional fantasy similar to prince charming.

    My advice: go for him. Life’s too short.

  • I guess you just need to figure out how much this bothers you. What might not seem like a big deal now, might be the source of a lot of issues down the road. What I would be worried about is getting emotionally attached to a guy that you can’t really have a future with. You don’t want to start a relationship now that you know can only go so far. You’ll only be setting yourself up for a lot of heartache.

  • I wouldn’t date him… not because of my faith or anything but in the long run I think I’ll just feel a bit weird.
    I mean, idk it’ll just seem weird to me. It’s like no matter how much I like him, that’ll always be on my mind and what if I start seeing stuff he sees lol j/k.

    Idk, just think about it, will you feel comfortable with it? No matter, how much you two enjoy being together, this will eventually lead to problems if you’re always going to feel weird about his job(I know I would)♥

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