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This name for my baby girl. What do you think?

So I posted a question about a month ago asking about names. I was about 7 1/2 months and we still hadn’t got a clear shot. So we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl. I finally found out today we’re having a girl. I had a strong feeling it was going to be a boy. Guess I was wrong. Lol. But anyways I had a lot of names that I liked. Now that I’m due next month and time is moving really fast,
my boyfriend and I have both agreed on a name. What do you all think?
Karma Nyvon
Do you think she’ll be teased?
I love the name Karma.
& Von was my gpas name. He passed about 3 months ago. So I found away to make it sound good for a boy or a girl.
But does Karma Nyvon
sound good together?


  1. Karma Nyvon is… well, don’t use it.
    Von is a fine name for a boy. Nyvon might as well be Nylon.
    And Karma is one of those “are your parents hippies/were they into acid” names that just isn’t going to get taken seriously when she hits adulthood.
    You might consider Karina/Carina instead.

  2. its different nd cute i think karma is a great name and nyvon is different but its not like its her firs name.
    yes i think that name is great and no she wont be made fun of karma is a nice name.

  3. Honestly, I don’t like it.
    I don’t mind Karma/Charma as a nickname for Charmian (KAR-mee-un), but Nyvon looks made-up.

  4. I think Karma is very cute. All kids get teased, whether or not this name is the cause is yet to be seen.
    I think Von is much better than Nyvon. It looks like Nylon… Von is more classic and sounds just as good for a girl, especially because it is a family name.
    So I really think you should consider going with: Karma Von Lastname

  5. its beautiful! karma would look better spelt carma possibly :S
    is nyvon spelt nee von is so then its absoluly perfect!!!!!

  6. umm i dont think i like that name. too many celebrity kids are named Karma…flavor flav’s daughter and Ludaris’s daughter…and i believe there is another one out there. i just think you should come up with something a little more original. and i think she might be teased…especially with her middle name…theyll call her nylon

  7. Karma is… okay. I don’t think she’d be teased much, I mean everybody gets teased about their name, right? Some names you can’t imagine on a person, and then when you meet one, the name is perfect. I think Karma is one of those names! =]
    Nyvon… I do not like. At all. I get that Von was your grandfather’s name, but it just Nyvon is a bit ridiculous. Reminds me of Nylon. There are other Von names that don’t look quite so odd. How about Vondra or Yvonne? =]
    But, instead of Karma, I like Karmen! or Karmia. =]

  8. it’s different, but more and more names are different these days. I think she’ll be fine with Karma, which is similiar in sound to Carmen and Cara. It won’t be hard for people to say, and it’s pretty. She’ll get some jokes about it, but I doubt anyone will make fun of her for it.
    Nyvon does sound far too much like nylon, as another answerer said. Why not Devon? or Evon? Or Vonda, though that doesn’t go as well with Karma.

  9. No, Karma Nyvon does NOT sound good together. Don’t do that to your kiddo. Give them a good, solid name with timeless qualities. Don’t make them have to eternally spell and explain their name.

  10. Karma does sound like a hippe name, but I like the idea of Karina.
    My cousin’s name is Alyson Vaugn, maybe a spelling like that would be more feminine.

  11. “I found away to make it sound good for a boy or a girl.”
    Well, if that’s what you think…
    Anyway, sorry but I really hate the name. Karma will most likely get her teased. And while I understand that you want to honor your grandfather, I really don’t like the middle name at all. Save your grandfather’s name for in case you ever have a son, and pick a more feminine (and normal) name for your daughter.


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