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This must be The Truth of Existence?

Human Behavior
Ego- when one cannot find happiness within themselves, then they are much more likely to be taken over by the demon that will posses them for the purpose of manipulation and destruction.
Gullible-I am astounded over how much people continue to be preyed upon (scammed and used) by authoritarian boars.
Lazy-a contrast to the old age of constant work and strain of the peasant and proletariat.
Disabled- we have to own our problems; we cannot let our problems control us.
Ignorance of the paranormal- we do have spirits
Bigoted- false dichotomies control us; recognize complexity!
We are not insignificant biological robots made of only flesh-we are eternal beings!
Greedy-Money is the root of all suffering, it’s why we work
Capitalist-fighting each other for wealth is not good, nor is helping someone without making them self sufficient good (false dichotomy!)
Addicted-Yes we have been deprived of luxury up until modern times, but we have become as famished and corrupted as our oppressors!
Uncaring-America continues to use too much resource!
Decent-The best good comes out of us when we are experiencing the worst
Adaptable- we will have world peace because we are all still spiritual-on a certain level
Judgmental-I am not a scientologist, conspiracy theorist, or a hippie; I am a living being just like you!
The true way to show love is to acknowledge, promote, support, embrace, and appreciate another’s right to exist.
Separation- creation has never been in a state of division-all of creation is connected and whole.
Infinity-Everything is complex and everything is simple
Eternity-There is a forever and there is a now.
Simplicity- The truth is simple, but it is also infinitely complex
Existence-The truth is that: We exist and do not exist at the same time-Existential awareness is the greatest joy
Peace- may not seem fun, but it actually grants total freedom to do anything we want
Human- explore the unknown and prove me wrong
The unknown- I do not know what I do not know
Remember, human, to always be open minded
Reality-is much more than we could possibly imagine
Reality- if the world does not change, I don’t care
-because I can always change my own little individualized world
Individual-just another unitary perspective of the Creator
Creator-is the source of loving light
Light-the source of eternity, infinity and existence
“I’d love to be a blue colored floating space mass being whose body is many different universes and dimensions.”
Being evil and selfish is resisting, fearing, and hating life, being good and loving is living and enjoying life to the fullest.
“I love evil, wait I don’t love evil. I love life.”
When you truly know the truth of existence which is “Existing is the greatest joy” then unconditional love springs forth. This is real peace. You are not a demon anymore that is stubborn and needs things to make itself happy. Just be happy with “I AM.” After this realization one does not need TV, religion, junk food, superficial things, and other things to make one happy. This realization makes someone fully happy with their inner self, they do not need anything to make their self happy-except the fact that they exist. This is the real message of religion, humanism, which is LOVE. But we are all still living like demons, metaphorically, we do not see the true beauty and connection of all things. We isolate our selves and create false identities and false personalities and addictions/attachments to fulfill us. We are resisting and letting our problems control us, it is time that we truly conquer our problems and embrace existence for what it truly is.
I am not an atheist or a theist, I am just a living being, who contains the eternal and infinite source of life. My inner self shines like a star. I do not depend or devour/destroy life, I am life and I give life, freedom, and true happiness to others.
I am.


  1. Coherency and ranting are inversely related. The more you pour in, the less everyone gets out. Remember that.

  2. wow…
    i like that alot.
    especially the last part, i think that could open the eyes of many people.
    very deep.
    you seem like a very concious person, and i try to be :]
    it’s a good way to be.

  3. I feel kindred to you when I read, “I am just a living being.” That is a wonderful thought. I know that feeling of love you speak about when you realize this, because you see this then is the truth of all your fellows.
    Think about the rest. You learned about politics, good and evil, bigotry, and ideas like the soul before you realized the one essential fact of your life. Take a moment. Let all of that go, then begin to consider what now matters to you.
    Try not to hold unnecessary opinions, forgo the old debates until those subjects arise. Some never will, others will appear in a new light. Accept doubt. Not all challenges must be met, nor all questions answered, simply all answers accepted, just be careful not to rush to decisions, and avoid self justification. You are justified, as a living thing. There is no need now to cling to old ideas, nor to defend the fragile ego, that you have now begun to discard.
    I salute you. I embrace you.


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