This may sound slightly weird, it's about magic & spells?

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Ok.. so I was at the libary recently, and i started really getting into some magic & ritual books.
… I also saw a spell book and i brought it home, but the spells are quite complicated, and i was wondering if anyone knew any webistes with simple spells on?
Thanks x

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What the f**k


It doesn’t really matter how complicated or simple they might be, they still will not work.
Magic, at least anything that you’ll find in stores/printed books/etc., is not real.

Maya is a great website for spells of different difficulty level and also anything else you would like to learn about the magical arts.


Magic doesnt exist unless you are playing World of Warcraft.
and no i dont.


So how will you continue to delude yourself when “magic” doesn’t work?


Spells and magick are BS. 😀 As much a crutch as prayer. And about as useful.


none are free, they all charge your credit-card for them. Go to a local store where they sell candles, herbs and magic related stuff, and ask the owner for advice. Namaste, help ever harm never, and remeber what you send out comes back to you 10 fold.

Taneli H

Try this:
Take a loose tooth and put it under your pillow. The next morning, the tooth will be gone, replaced by a coin.


Maybe but why learn spells when you can wish whatever your heart desires and see it come true in 8 days
this is amazing

Master of the Dark Covenant

Actually I think I have a solution for you. I have practiced magick for a very long time, and what you have come across are what I like to call props. They help to focus the will, but are not exactly necessary. Feel free to email me if you want to know more.


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