"This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" – Lao Tzu?





Organizational Plan
In the first paragrah explain the quotation
(include the quotaton)
in the second paragraph give examples
in the third paragraph make a personal connection
in the fourth paragraph explain a connnection with your 2006 graduating class
help me plz i need it by friday


  1. Your asking us to do a report for you? Sorry, you need to learn this! Help is one thing but doing it for you is something totally different!

  2. I live by Quotes…literally. I hope this helps
    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”-Lao Tzu
    When you want to achieve a goal, complete a task/project, no matter how daunting, complicated and impossible it may seem, once you have mapped out your game plan, strategy,or steps on how to achieve them, begin to approach/tackle it one at a time.
    Losing Weight: It involves a number of things which must be done in order for the weight loss program to be a success.
    First you have decided you want to lose weight…great
    Second, you have to commit to an exercise program that will enable you burn more calories; say 3 days per week maximum of an hour intense cardiovascular workout..
    Third, you have to watch what you eat. There is a saying that goes like this ,” you are what you eat” . Watch what you eat and eat in moderation-portion control. Eliminate all forms of foods that will make your mission impossible.
    Fourth, keeping records.Keep a daily journal of what you eat and a log of your time time spent exercising and weigh yourself. Once you document your progress, it justifies the effort and motivates you to push further.
    In my final year in school, I wanted to graduate by May, however I found out that the only way to accomplish that was by taking 21upper level credits in the fall semester and the remaining 6 in May. It had to be done.I had to do it. I willed myself to do it. I have never taken that much credits in a semester.. I communicated to my brain that it had to be done. I accepted the challenge and before the semester commenced, I knew that definitely that semester was going to be different from the others.
    First of all, i made a schedule, bought a planner and created a report sheet. I recorded all assignments and dues dates, scores i received on quizzes and tests, follow ups, extra credits, seminars etc. As long as i could see my efforts on paper, it gave me something to work on and it motivating.However,apart from going to school, i had to work 21 hours at the bank, that complicated matters. So the meager time i had left was dedicated solely to the library -homework.
    It was a tough semester why?Because i have never pushed myself that far and when i did I was impressed with the results. In summary, that semester i got four A’s, two B’s and one C. And it was all planning. I utilized the five P’s- proper planning prevents poor performance. And it all in the brain, if you think and will yourself to do it , you will achieve.
    Needless to say, during graduation, i felt like i earned my diploma. I worked hard for it and i felt the joy and happiness of the other students too. We do not know what the future holds yet, however we have accomplished what we set out to do which was graduating. It started with one step, picking up a pen and applying to various schools finally we choose a school and then enrolled, four years later we are graduates. At that graduation venue, ad-mist the tears of joy and celebrations, the journey of a thousand steps definitely didn’t feel like it started with one step.Because we have accomplished what we set out to do by taking it one step at a time.
    Good luck and remember aim high ..Do not let the sky be your limit.

  3. ” This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is a quote made by Lao Tzu. It is often times, the taking of that first step is all it takes to complete a journey or venture.
    One situation where an important first step is necessary in order to complete a journey is when a person decides to have a healthier lifestyle. Another situation where a first step is necessary in order to complete a journey is when a person decides to enter into the state of matrimony. In both situations, an important first step would be a plan which a person would hopefully use to complete his journey.
    A personal connection to an important first step that affected my life was in the birth of a child that was born 3 months too soon. This child would have many difficulties throughout her life.
    The important first step for my husband and I was to acknowledge that the road ahead was going to be difficult and to have faith in God to help us take one day at a time. It is now 26 years later and our journey is hardly over. But, I still use that important first step to have God guide us to take one day at a time.,
    Although I am not a student, I know that I gave this advise to my two other healthy children. Not only did they see that even in the weakest of humans, strength and determination is apparent. They were able to appreciate their own gifts and to let God help them to take one day at a time no matter how difficult a road they may have to cross someday.

  4. It means you must start small to reach a higher achivement.
    You start with a lemonade stand as a kid while in school, you go to high school, go to learn about buisiness in college, then open up a business.
    I went to kindigarden, and now I’m in college.
    Our graduating class did very well in all our years from kindergarden to clooege, so here we are, graduating.

  5. Dear heart, take your first step! Surely by a thousand steps, you will have completed your journey. Remember, “a day at a time”, well each day is gone through a step at a time. Philosophically, religiously, socially, “growingly”, all one step at a time.

  6. It’s for your graduation and you can’t even bother doing it? It’s really not that hard to figure out. I can’t wait until you get into the real world and realize you have to do your own work.

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