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this is what i think about karma ! do you agree?

karma means activity, what you do you will have back…even though you may not remember or know how, that’s how there are so many varieties of things in the world, different color of eyes and different human conditions, and the most amazing thing is that the karma is based on your choices, so where you are now, it’s where you chose to be! but because of misuse of our independence we end up entangled as we are. Reiincarnation happens when the soul paid off one karma and needs to get another body to pay off the next karma, due to the activities and desires you performed. Summarizing, in this life you’re paying off the karma of your previous life and, at the same time, creating your future karma. this is what happens to everyone. karma means you take birth in the material world. Bhakti yoga cuts this cycle of birth and death in the material world and make your soul able to surpass all spheres of material life and take a birth in a spiritual planet situated in the spiritutal world, where you’re gonna find a beautiful guy called God. He’s gonna ask you: ” why did you leave me?” you’ll be embarrased and he’ll hug you. You’re gonna remember all the crap relationships you had here that made you suffer, alter your ego, or be proud and will see there’s nothing compared to the loving relationship you have with that guy up there. So, you’ll decide to not fall down again and will live a life of bliss. see you there!


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