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this is stupid ya think?

okay i am not joking this guy actually said this!!!
I’ve thought my life through rationally. Things for me will never improve. Suicide is my permanent solution to my PERMANENT problem. In my case it is my height and my social ineptitude. I dont have any friends anymore and when I walk through campus everyone looks at me like a freak because I’m only 5’5″ and everyone is above 6′. I’m not at all ugly. I have never dated – no girl would ever look at me. I’m 24 now. Life is like a movie – if it sucked all the way through so far then the rest will not be any better. I hate my family for having me and I dont care if they feel any pain.
I am comfortable with the nothingness of death – I don’t believe in an afterlife due to all the empirical evidence. Near Death Experiences are only hallucinations of a dying brain. The Pineal Gland floods your brain with DMT when it is dying OR WHEN IT THINKS ITS DYING causing the brain to trip.
Tell me where I can find potassium cyanide. Or send me


  1. This is not stupid. It is sad this guy feels this way and doesn’t feel like he has a way out. He needs help before he hurts himself or others and should get this help now. He shouldn’t wait any longer! Suicide is nothing to play with or joke at.

  2. This is what I would say:
    The average male height is 5’8″, so guys that are 6′ are as “weird” as you are. Find things you are interested in and start talking to people – that’s how you make friends. You have to be a friend to have friends, it is a very simple formula. Suicide is not a solution, it is a cop-out.
    This is not rational, it is a cry for help. Talk to someone, your parents or a counselor for help TODAY. Good luck.

  3. The poor guy needs to finish school and move off elsewhere. Social ineptitude is workable and I seriously doubt everyone around him is taller than 6 feet. Medication might help.

  4. You can’t save them all. You would think the way he talks he was a midget. 5’5″ isn’t that bad…isn’t that what Tom Cruise is? Sounds like he’s using that as an excuse. I was always afraid to kill myself because I thought God would send me back in the same situation until I learned the lesson I came here to learn. I can’t do this sh*t again.

  5. While I would tend to agree, I would also like some time with this person. So what if he is only 5′ 5″ tall. There are a lot of women that are his height, or shorter. I think he is over looking many positive things for himself, and is only focusing on what he views as being bad. He can do things that tall people can only dream of being able to do. He is a hero in the making, he just needs to change his point of view.

  6. It does sound dumb but anyway,how would one know if things got better or not if they weren’t there to experience it.??? One thing is for sure there is nothing in death-Living ,however we may veiw it, is where the action is…

  7. I don’t think its stupid, I do think its a cry for help. Give him support, show him good things about him. Tell him he needs counseling, you are afraid for him. Nobody should feel the way he feels. See that he does receive counseling, life isn’t that bad, even during the bad times.

  8. You think 5′ 5 is short?
    look at most of the world. they are about 5′ 3
    you could be missing limbs have cancer or something that is actually bad.

  9. I stopped to look at the profile to see if there were any clues as to what makes you ask this question and I see that you say that your bi and if we have a problem with that to kiss off or whatever- so are YOU really the one asking this question or are you asking in the third party sense?? As it sounded you said ” This guy” actually said this- so I assume your speaking in a third person sense????

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