Home Discussion Forum This is question about Buddhism, about quieting one's mind?

This is question about Buddhism, about quieting one's mind?

I don’t think all the time; I never have. There are no continuous “stream of consciousness” thoughts going on inside my head. However, I can be stressed out about things I’m not actively worried about, because of my SUBconscious mind. How can anyone possibly quiet his or her subconscious mind?
Anne: I believe a person can control his or her thoughts. But the subconscious doesn’t THINK, per se.


  1. I practice TM and they give you a mantra. You just focus on the mantra. If you notice your mind has wandered, focus on the mantra.

  2. The Buddhists have a term called “monkey mind” and this term means a mind that jumps from one thought to another thought without cohesiveness…like a monkey that is continually jumping from one tree to another tree. And when we’re in “monkey mind” we may be in the past or future and not focused on the present moment…the perfect moment.
    Buddhism says with practice and discipline one can achieve the quieting of the mind. Personally, I’m still in the monkey mind, but then, I only do buddhist meditation every now and then. There are some really good buddhist teachers that have been able to achieve the quieting of the mind….but then they practice a lot with much discipline.

  3. That is true, one can’t just make his mind stop thinking! Even if you do resist any thinking, still another thought will come, and you can’t stop it because that is really the work of the mind. However, if you know who You really are, then that is the time you can do something about this working of the mind.
    Meditation is one thing good to do for understanding the Mind. You may need a teacher for this so that you can progress more faster in spiritual matters.
    If you are already a student of the” Way”, you may understand that there are so many ways in understanding your mind and your true Self. One of these is directly contacting your true essence or connecting to the “present moment”, the Eternal Now.
    It is only when you think of the fast and of the future that your mind is active in thinking. Try to think something of the present and suddenly your mind can’t say something. However, this stopping of the mind will happen only for a few seconds because you still do not know holding on the Present Moment. If you can hold on or be on the “Present Moment” you will receive a gift, a gift of knowing you true self, that’s why it’s called the Present.


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