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This is not a question but does anybody reall know the benifets of meditation?

Meditation can be many different things; For some people its reading a book and for other people it can be going for a walk. It’s not justa person sitting on the floor humming.
Meditation helps poeple consentrate and make the right discion. This could really help America in its struggle with school violince. Thank you for reading this and please leave some comments.


  1. It has great positive mind effects. It improves memory it can even improve things such as your sense of smell touch and taste through becoming more aware with your surroundings. It will enrich your life by helping live in the present and not in the future. theres many more!

  2. I think that one answer may be that it does relieve stress and anger. I think that if you try to free your mind and let it think positively it can onley help. I know that when my wife died it helped me through the greiving process. We were married for 47 years and she died on our wedding anniversary. Hope this helps

  3. um, your question IS a question ~ If meditation was brought to the cirriculum at preschool or kindergarten at the latest and continued throughout the school years – in EVERY school, I suppose it would have an impact. Of course this wouldn’t do a thing for the thugs out there now, but it could act as a form of social reform.

  4. Well, meditation, comes from Budist beliefs.
    Which I think, has a lot going for it, Yoga and other things.
    I am not Budist, Christian, or any thing ells.
    I do however practice Reiki, which is laying on hands, to take peoples pain away and some times heal.
    Meditation, will remove anger and not make you want to hurt any one.
    So I wish many people would do this, especially.
    Was going to say Africa, Middle East.
    But there are too many countries, every country has problems with violence!
    Regards Keith


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