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This is my version of a defensive deck. I got the invincble fortress structure deck, and remodified it.?

Monsters: 21
1x exxod, master of the guard
3x giant rats
3x nimble momongas
3x penguin soldier
1x stone statue of the Aztecs
2x gear golem the moving fortress
1x moai intercepter cannons
1x sangan
1x guardian sphinx
1x hierocosphinx
1x criosphinx
1x man eater bug
1x medusa worm
1 cyber jar
Spells: 11
1x premature burial
1x lightning vortex
1x swords of revealing light
1x change of heart
1x brain control
1x monster reborn
1x dark hole
1x heavy storm
1x mystical space typhoon
1x pot of greed
1x graceful charity
Traps: 14
1x dimension prison
1x mirror force
1x bottomless traphole
1x negate attack
1x magical cylinder
1x ring of destruction
1x seven tools of the bandit
3x sakuretsu
1x karma cut
1x torrential tribute
1x imperial order
1x call of the haunted
Basically my main strategy here is to hold down the fort with defense and clear the field by returning monsters to the opponents hand leaving him wide open.
Tell me what you think.


  1. I run a horus the black flame dragon with jinzo pretty indestructible deck with king dragun in it. Have demolished decks like yours even at tournement level.
    You have a few banned cards in it, remove these and replace with like 3 cyber dragons will make a lot more powerful.

  2. i use to run that type of deck my problem was i got sick of waiting to atk. i see for some reason you dont have megarock dragon in there.no excusse for that.megarock dragon is the most valueble card in that deck. i did beat a slifer the sky dragon with my megarock dragon. and keep in mind my oppent was using the card that negates hand limit.
    so it was up to like 9000 and i obliderated it with megarock dragon with over 12000 atk.

  3. Remove:
    Nimble Momonga–decent at stalling and recovering but not that good overall
    Moai Interceptor (unless focusing on Exxod)
    Man-Eater Bug
    Brain Control (you have Change of Heart)
    Lightning Vortex (if you have Raigeki)
    3 Sakuretsu Armor
    Karma Cut
    1 more Stone Statue
    Raigeki (since you play traditional)
    Barrel Behind the Door (to use with Ring of Destruction)
    Fairy Box (excellent for Rock Decks)
    Staunch Defender (great with Fairy Box)
    Megarock Dragon
    Rock Bombardent (if use Megarock)
    other Rock monsters
    Overall decently good deck–6.5/10.


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