This is for spiritual people only.- Do you think there is a spiritual change coming?

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I’ve talked to a lot of people who all seem to agree that there is a spiritual shift fast approaching. Some equate it to 7-7-07, I dont know that I agree, though I do feel something coming- what say you?
Serious discussion only. Bashers will be reported as such.
I hope that too. I look forward to the day when we abandon secular religion all together, and seek instead spiritualism, which doesnt need to be argued.
As I said before, I dont subscribe to the 7/7/7 nonesense, but I do agree that a spiritual shift is coming.

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Courtney, festivities minister

Read the celestine prophecy- it’s good and relates.

nuckin futz

I don’t claim to know, but at this point a change would be nice.

Wisdom in Faith

Yes, I believe there is a spiritual shift coming, although I doubt it will be as quick as that. I think people are seriously looking at religion and asking what it’s good for. I think this has been caused by religious fundamentalists both at home and abroad. What we have been shown recently is that religion causes a lot of violence and strife. Gone are the days of Churches supporting members of the community, we now have mega Churches with their Jumbo JesusVison and Bose sound systems. I think people are getting fed up with it all. I see a lot of people turning from religion to more peaceful spiritual means. I think that will continue to be the trend as religion continues to becomes more extreme, intolerant and violent.

The Craig

Spiritism is superstitious nonsense. The only change I see is an abandonment of superstition in favor of reason. It’s happening steadily with every generation.


well the Bible says yes there is an end coming but no one and i mean no one can say the date! this 07/07/07 is a false profit because the Bible says that not even Jesus knows so how could man?


spirituality does not change. you can change spiritualy. my guides tell me of great change coming between 2010 and 2012. they are not clear to me, the change may be environmentaly, socialy, or economicaly. an event of such extreme to prepare for.


Although I pray for positive spiritual changes for all, I don’t think w should equate anything to 7/7/07. That includes all 7/7/07 dates:
Last year there were hundreds of questions worried about 6/6/06 being an especially bad day.
With love in Christ.


I believe that God is going to really deal with is people to fast and pray harder for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the power of it because Jesus said the things you see me do you shall do also, there is so much in Gods power and so deep we don’t realize the strenght of the Holy Spirit just think about, how did God create the heavens and the earth,think about it, how did Jesus raise Lazareus from the dead? They spoke it, look at this, a prophet shall reap a prophets reward.


The shift in energy is happening now. it is an ongoing progressive evolution.
But people adore ascribing significant events to certain dates because they look groovy. ask yourself what significant changes happened *on the day* of the changing of the millennial? what great shift happened *on* 7/7/77?
In numerology, the energy of Number 7 is that of the mystic, the recluse, the solitary thinker, the spiritual seeker, and the scientist. wouldn’t it be great if all of that 7 energy zapped everyone on the planet into becoming recluses, solitary thinkers, spiritual seekers, and scientists? Sure it would, but is it going to happen? Probably not.
Personally, I think we will get a major shift of polarity around 2012– the earth’s polarity shift, that is.
Won’t that put a kink in everyone’s plans, eh?

Esperanza R

I do not know about the date..the calenders in the bible where according to the Jewish ones so times would be off but spiritually speaking maybe the great falling away/birthing pains Mathew 24:8 the bible speaks about then all the trials to come then Bame Jesus return ..I pray soon


I believe it is happening even as we speak. Judgement begins in the House of God.


How many joules of energy were involved in the big bang?

I know its a big bang but to hurl entire galaxies apart? And when did they turn into pretty spirals?

Do you see life from God's view, Is God owner of everything and everyone on earth?

Our time on earth and our energy, intelligence, opportunities, relationships, and resources are all gifts from God that he has entrusted to our care...

what do think of this poem?

"What is called love" The exact time and date of the occurance isn't clear Coincidence or fate we took the same path My soul was throbbing as...
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