Home Discussion Forum this is for anyone who has cleansed their home of negative energies?

this is for anyone who has cleansed their home of negative energies?

me and my family moved it with a sick relative, who’s wife died a few months before. they never liked each other, lived here 14 years. we move in and suddenly bickering and arguing and blow up arguments, very unusual of us. i did some research and placed some gems/ crystals around, and cleansed with a smudge stick. as i was going room to room a very powerful sickening odor,(not the sweet sage) was everywhere, i still smell it lingering, did i do something wrong? is this normal?
i may not have mentioned that the elderly man is very sick, possible recurrent of cancer. dr’s can’t find it, i know that has it’s own smell, and with him being sick everything is already clean and polished. this was a smell i have never smelled before


  1. Do the regular stuff first than the spiritual stuff.Clean and polish the floors,launder all the curtains,clean the windows,have the rugs steamed,then you want to go at it from an energy stand point.I’m feeling some black tourmaline,frankincense,a through smudging with a Turkey feather to blow the smoke into ALL the corners.Then once you have the negative energy neutralised,you will want to infuse some positive energy.Use some amber resin.get some Fred Sol’s fresh peaches incense.Work also on the lighting in that house.Change all the light bulbs and add at least one new lamp.


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