this is for any Philosophy Professors……………….?





i would like to be a proffesor, but my main focus in life (most all professors think , live, breathe, think the subject they teach) is esotericism, zen, enlightenment, esp, chakras, the concept of cosmic oness, meditation, and mainy esoteric things. to me these things are the onlly prof the existence of the other world (this is just my personal view, and life passion). does a philosophy professor teach anythinf similar??? if not, is there a way to teach anything similar?? a little help, please?


  1. I have similar aspirations.
    My philosophy professor recommended that I have a second major as because only universities tend to hire those with a only a PhD or major in philosophy and then that person gets tenor and your chances of finding a job get pretty slim but if you double major in another more general subject then you can get hired at the community college level teaching your second major along with philosophy and work your way up from there.
    It sounded like great advice to me and so I am sharing it with you.

  2. If you want to be a Philosophy Professor then be one. What other people thinks wouldn’t matter. What other people believe wouldn’t matter too because you are to be open to ideas no matter how bizarre. It is only when you stop being a student you lost your qualities as a professor.
    Test all, scrutinize all, and the truth will always shine. In the end it is not in the knowing that makes the difference it is in the journey and the persistence in taking such journey that counts.

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