Home Discussion Forum This is for a psychic/clairvoyant or someone who might have insight. ?

This is for a psychic/clairvoyant or someone who might have insight. ?

I know this guy who use to drive me crazy, but for some reason something changed I’m not sure how or when. Now I can’t seem to get him off my mind (in a good way). What I want to know, is what do you think this means and do you think he is thinking of me as often as I am thinking of him. We are both single and in our thirties if that matters.


  1. Your question doesn’t give us a time frame so it would be difficult to say if the change had to do with your Saturn return, which occurs at the end of the twenties and lasts sometimes into the first year of your thirties. It could be that either you or him had a difficult transit of Saturn going through your sign of love and creativity (the 5th) and now that it’s gone you suddenly have more positive outlook on life. It’s best to talk to an astrologer about this who could calculate your chart and look at it from your perspective. Otherwise, did you have any kind of spiritual awakening recently? Even though I have studied astrology myself for a long time, I still go to someone else for advice. One good astrologer I know is Diane Cramer, she does some interesting things, but she is also a friend of mine so I am a little biased. Hope this helps!


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