This is about astral projection – only answer if you have done it?

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Can an astral touch a non-astral? Can the astral have s*x with the non-astral?
Give as many details about astralling and the non-astrals as you can

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oops, thought you said “gastral”


I think you should be asking this question in a science fiction forum instead of here.


I think you are asking whether or not someone who is astrally projecting can touch someone who is not. The answer is no. As an astral body you have no physical body, it is left behind. You cannot touch anything as you are only spirit. Ergo, no one who is astrally projecting can have sex with someone who is embodied. I have heard of people having sex on the astral but they were both projecting and not in their physical form.
I have only been able to achieve astral projection once (maybe twice but I am unsure of the second time). It is nearly impossible and leaves you very physically tired.


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