This is a question for G. Dubya Bush, please feel free to give me your thoughts as they are welcome..?





Dubya, as you’re apparently comfortable with the fact that more than over 3,000 young U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq and thousands more have been wounded and hundreds more will doubtlessly die in the coming months, not to mention the countless thousands of innocent Iraqi/Afghan civilians who’ve been killed, all as a result of your aggro-American policy to rid the world of all those who would stand in the way of your oily corporate stratagems, does this mean you are able to laugh in the face of death and mock the vagaries of time and fate?
Are you able, in other words, to transcend the physical body and the ego and attain a superhuman spiritual mastery of the earthly form? Are you a god? Or just a petty and small-minded warmonger controlled by thin-lipped master puppeteers? Did I just answer my own question?
**please spare me the 9/11 bullshite, THAT IS NOT THE REASON HE INVADED IRAQ! Terrosim is at it’s worse and only going to grow while we nuke innocent people.
**hey moron…I WENT to private school you imbecile.
* Cinner , jealous much?


  1. Tecnically we were still in a state of war with Iraq from the 1990’s. Saddam Hussein had signed a treaty saying that he would allow inspectors into the country to look for weapons of mass destruction. He kicked them out.
    The UN gave him 17 chances to let an international inspection team into Iraq and he refused. You know the rest of the story.

  2. So long as the government believes it, and only it, knows what’s best for the people, things will continue to go down the tubes. Bush’s policy of “Just believe me dag-nabit!” needs to stop. He’s also gotta stop making policies based on PNAC which comes directly from Cheny and Rummy.

  3. Petty & small minded warmonger.
    This war may last untill 2026, social security is said to be
    bankrupt by 2012, one third of Americans are without
    health insurance & he doesn’t have a clue.
    Kieth Olbermann really let him have it tonight. Said he was
    making up stuff, no one said & called him an out-right liar.
    It was pretty awesome.
    All I can say is, that one day, I hope he’s tried for his crimes
    against humanity with a jury of black, gay, old & poor people.
    My dream.

  4. He says God told him to invade Iraq, possibly as part of as plan to bring about Armageddon. Bush’s ego wants to go down in history as the one who brought Jesus back.
    It’s insane – and he is a very sick puppy.

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