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A cure that I came across indicates that I need to put a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. However it would face a staircase going down. At the bottom of the staircase is a closet (closed) Would it still be okay to have the mirror in this position? Feng Shui knowledgable people only please.
Thanks for the first answer. That has reminded me of another question. My wealth corner is in the kitchen where the back door is and the fridge blocks somewhat the view of the back door There isn’t a chance of moving it. Could I just emphasize the wealth corners of every room? My personal success corner is in the North.
Metal isn’t good for me but is indicated to represent wealth : any suggestions?


  1. Actually, unless you are attempting to revert bad energy that according to Feng Shui practices can result in money draining out of your bank account as quickly as you get it (money down the toilet/drain?), the mirror isn’t absolutely necessary. In that situation, simply ensuring the toilet seat is down and door closed all the time can improve the situation almost immediately.
    If you still need to reflect the bad energy or fast chi running through the home, especially if your front door and your back door/patio door are in direct line to one another, you can forgo the mirror and place a small crystal ball at the top of the doorway. Hang it with a green ribbon (denoting money). In the hallway from the front to back door, to allow the good energy to slow down, placing a round table (small decor table) or a rounded leaf plant (not fake) in a larger vase, also rounded, can make a difference. You can also purchase rounded columns made from plaster or clay that a vase and plant can sit upon which doesn’t create a loss of space in the hallway.
    If your stairway leads directly out the front door…try placing a fountain near the door, a gently flowing fountain can encourage money to flow into the home. A fountain shouldn’t be placed in the back yard however, as this can encourage money to flow out of the home as fast as it flows in.
    Also, place money oriented objects within your Wealth corner of the home…gold coins (Chinese if you can find them, the ones with open squares in the center), or coins of any denomination, a bank with money in it that you faithfully add to (preferrably a green bank) and of course a Money tree is always a good addition in this corner as well.
    Do each change in your home, one by one…and hold off on doing more until you see the effects of the first. Too many changes can result in not knowing what to correct first.
    When it all works tho, it works very well. Good luck

  2. Common practice is to hide the mirror behind the closet. The mirror is a difficult item to place in your house. If use incorrectly, it brings in more harm than benefit.
    Your wealth spot in your house is the living room. You have to check your house wealth spot. Make use of your wealth spot if you can.

  3. it seems that you are just aggravating the situation more. a mirror is not a cure-all. here when you put it at the back of a door facing a staircase – it makes a questionable situation in fengshui. the question is why do you want to put a mirror behind the door of a bathroom in the first place? do you have a link to blueprint or a house plan?
    fengshui is about formulas and measurements. it is not formations such as where is main door located, how many degrees does it faces outside precise to half a degree, blueprint stuff and it must be accurate. a good reason why most fengshui professional personally visits a house, measures it with a luo pan or chinese compass, before giving a recommendation.
    i myself do not believe in remedies. in most cases it is better to leave things alone – esp if it does not cause death. then do some major renovations when you have the money. because a remedy is just making a bad thing neutral. it does not make any situation good. and when the mirror falls off, it reverts back to its bad situation. doing a renovation can make a bad fengshui into a good fengshui permanently.

  4. Get more information from here. And there are some feng shui relative things, which can do both decoration and protection.


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