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This has puzzled me for years: Why did my old friend (a shaman) ask me not to touch any of his medicine items?

He is a Hopi shaman and he said that if I touched them, I’d take their power. He also asked me to step away from the fire when he did an invocation ceremony, because the spirits were afraid of me (of all the silly things). So my question is, what the crap is a “spirit warrior” (that’s what he called me), and why did he freak when I got at all close to his ceremonial stuff (even though he’d ask me to keep his wallet for him)?


  1. well he told you why he asked you not to touch his stuff – he believed that you would take their power. i know with dowsing an item is considered unclean if another person touches it – you basically make it “go bad” by touching it. it is all just spiritistic, superstitious nonsense.

  2. Amazing that you didn’t ask him. Just like you don;t like to be grabbed and used by just anybody neither do spirits which become bound to objects. The shaman is their guardian, part of the deal of cooperating with them. Some objects/spirits don’t mind, but others are more specific. Shamans are very territorial. A wallet is just an object a shamanic item is a vulnerable friend.
    Many spirits dislike the disharmony of this world so when creating a harmonious space for them so they can draw closer you don’t want this space to be disturbed!
    Spirit warrior can mean many things. I’m not knowledgable enough in the Hopi tradition.

  3. I don’t blame your shaman friend. Spiritual items are both sacred and personal. I don’t like people touching my runestaff (volr). It creates interference in the spiritual fields and takes some time to work it self out – Besides being rather disrespectful

  4. It’s not a matter of trusting you with his belongings, but a matter of trusting you with his most personal beliefs. Your comment “of all the silly things” shows that you do not respect his beliefs. I wouldn’t want you messing with something sacred to me if you considered it “silly” either.

  5. Its rude to touch other people spiritual stuff without there permission. Would you like it if say you had a big crucifix and somebody came and started playing around with it?

  6. Medicine items are as sacred to his tradition as a cross is to a christian. Medicine items have been attuned to the spiritual energy of the shaman and the spirit helpers he works with. Your negative vibrations can upset this balance. Be respectful and view from whatever distance he considers appropriate. Some shamans will not allow anyone not of their tradition to even OBSERVE a ceremony or even SEE their sacred medicine items so be grateful for your opportunity to sit in.

  7. Our energies affect anything that we touch. On the flip side, touching something of his/hers might have an adverse effect on you, with its energies going into you. Touching anothers magical things can cause havoc. Trust me on this one. lol Experience.

  8. It’s probably the same way we don’t let anyone touch our runes. He had to keep them sacred and if you had touched them some of your energy would have tainted them.
    I ain’t for sure but I think thats the way it would go.


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