this a psychic attack? If so, what should i do?

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I was sitting down really relaxed one day and i felt this persons body form into mine and i could feel his stomach in mine then i got this terrible emtionaly charged anger feeling in my gut which i think is still effecting me today. How can i heal my aura / chakras ?

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Had you smoked (or otherwise ingested) anything interesting?
Can you hook me up?


Imagine yourself being cleansed from all outside connections and a barrier forming around your body that blocks all the attacks.

Andymcj78 (atheist)

You’d be better off healing your over active imagination before worrying about your chakras.

Ambassador of Christ

You are dealing with demons.
Therefore, you should repent of your sins, turn to God through Jesus and be saved.

karen d

Pray. Bless you.


There is no such thing. How would that work, anyway? Relax, you are fine.

Green Grove

Go to an alternative doctor/healer 🙂


Pray this prayer: Jesus come into my heart and save me from these demons. I believe in you and i want to do your will. I love you. Teach me your ways Lord. pray this and seriously mean it with your heart from deep down inside. Read the bible and that will reassure you Satan cant touch you if youre Gods hild you belong to him and he will protect you forever, God Loves you really he created the heavens and the stars just for you.Believe in him. He will make your paths straight.

Sarah C

Meditate, Look for guidance in all the holy prophets and learn from their wisdom. A demon is infesting your soul telling you that you need to find inner peace. May Abraham, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Buddha, Christ, and Muhammad help you find inner peace.


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