third question of the night ladies: Attraction to a guy in a busy place (bar, club etc)?

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Okay ladies so I’ve always wondered this also.
I know that, as with guys that go out up bars and clubs, some are there to just have a good night with their friends dancing and some go out looking for a guy. People go to bars for differing reasons but my question is this ladies, say you are going out with the intention of having a good time with friends but also wouldn’t object to possibly hooking up with a guy whilst out, if the opportunity came around.
Well, say you caught a guys eye and you liked him but he didn’t make an approach towards you for maybe afew hours. If other guys then were approaching you, asking you for a dance or a drink throughout the night and in your eyeline you could still see this guy you originally liked at the start of the night, would you firstly be annoyed and think he wasn’t interested in you because he never approached you sooner so you decide to accept the gestures of the other guys coming onto you or would you wait all night if you must and then when
you see him later on in the night near you and starting to approach you, would you foresake all the other men who were showing you attention for this one guy you originally liked, before the bar started to crowd? Or would you give him a wide birth because he didn’t show earlier signs of approaching you?
Do you subconsciously, regardless how many guys might be in the bar, club that night only really have eyes for the one guy you were instantly attracted to earlier and have been exchanging glances with all night even though he didnt approach you for a while
In a nutshell, would you wait for this guy thinking that he is the only one you really have eyes for there?
By the way i am a guy, i just want to view this from a woman’s perspective

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thats the problem with you girls… just keep smiling at him… give the guy a break.,, stop making him think so much… keep eye contact,,,,, and keep smiling at him till he comes to you….


no don’t wait all night. Make the move early on in the evening. If he declines a dance or drink then move on. life is to short for what if’s.


i would say if you really liked the person i wouldnt be jumping and hanging all over other gys in front of him that will just show him you are to easy i would say hes just would be simply just checking me out the first few times some people like to check out others before they jump into things

Singapore Sling

I’m not into playing games so if I had noticed him right at the start, and he didn’t make a move till a few hours later, I would still talk to him, regardless of how many other people had already approached me. Besides, I personally like men who take their time rather than those who leap before they look, but that’s just me!
To be totally honest, it would also depend on how attractive the guy is in my eyes … I would obviously be more open to talking to him regardless of how long it took him to do it if I found him attractive! Don’t know how other girls feel, but that’s just how it works for me.

Xx amanda xX

i would accept the drinks and the offers to dance but i would always make sure i kept an eye on the guy so he knew i was interested in him !! if ur out to have a good night u dont sit round waiting for this one guy 😐 !!!


Wow! That was a novel!
Each girl is different. I think I am the most spontaneous and care free of my friends. If I see a guy, and we make contact, and we smile at each other, I’ll watch him for a bit.
I will make myself walk by him, to make sure he’s not with someone. And if he’s not, I dont have a problem going up to a guy asking if he’d dance with me, or offer to take a shot together or something.
But if I wasn’t like that, when I first went out to the bar, I would wait till a guy came up to me, and then dance or get a drink or whatever
I’m only interested in guys who have the confidence to come up to a girl and ask them, cause I know how hard it is.
The second thing that goes along with that is the fact that he better ask me my name, and try to have a conversation with me. And then after we dance…still remember my name.
I’m not one for one night stands. I’m usually only there to dance and have fun. If I meet someone I meet someone.
He doesn’t approach, I decide if I want to, if not, then its his loss. Thats the way that I see it. I only smile and make eye contact with guys at bars that I’m interested in.


In the scenario that you described, I would be curious about this guy, but some women might think that he was in to playing games, since he laid back. I might think that he wanted to watch me to see what I was like before approaching and possibly buying me a drink. It would all depend on what he did before making a move. If he flirted and talked with other women, I would think that he was waiting to see if something more alluring caught his attention. In the end, I would just give him my digits and go from there.


Interesting question but it would never happen to me. I have no shyness in approaching a man and if we were eyeing each other for a few minutes and he didn’t make a move you can bet your as* I would.
But hypothetically to answer your specific scenario, no if he didn’t make a move and someone else approached me I wouldn’t blow off the one who approached me (unless I didn’t like him) if the first guy finally decided to come up to me at the end of the evening. Unless of course I was alone at the end of the evening, then I’d give him a try.

Morning Star Ninjette

im not the clubbing/bar type but il try answer this anyway. women suck. full stop! all chicks are different and im sure if you asked 100 chicks this question they would all answer differently. i think most chicks if they initially saw a guy they were interested in and he didnt respond to eye glances, looks, across the room flirting they would be p!ssed off and wouldnt wait for teh guy to make the move because chances are that guy is just a JERK and he will never make the move – why ruin a good night with friends if all your doing is waiting for some guy who never shows? eithe rthat, or alot of chicks at a club/bar would be tipsy/drunk therefore enhancing confidence and perhaps go up to the guy herself and initiate the convesration and perhaps a dance or two etc. my opinion anyways, most chicks who go to a club/bar even if theyre just with friends are always on teh hunt for their next prey, even if they are dating already they would still have a browse at what else is on offer. same with a guy, guys more so have the tendancy to not only ‘look’ but to sometimes touch which gets them in trouble. anyway i dont know if that answered your question or not but in the long run, if a chick makes good eye contact with you dont wait for the right chance, dotn wait till the end of hte night, just go up to her an start talking to her =)


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