Third Hokage vs Neji Hyuga?





Neji has the Byakugan and Gentle Fist. He can see and sense all movements in an angle of 360 and is able to prevent someone from accessing chakra by touching them or kill a person by putting chakra to their heart or head. He can release Chakra anywhere from his body.
The Third Hokage in this battle does not know about Neji, Gentle Fist or the Byakugan. He cannot use Enma or Minato’s Death God Seal.
Who wins? My money is on Neji becuase the Third doesn’t know about Gentle Fist and the Byakugan, plus he is old and eventually experience fatigue.


  1. Um, the Third is actually pretty powerful since he was able to defeat the 2 previous Hokages. And he’s the FREAKING hokage. I doubt they’d make him one if someone who’s a quarter of his age is able to beat him.

  2. You have a biased support for your opinion, Third Hokage knows more then just the Death God Seal. Neji is all about close range combat, as for the Third, he knows all the Jutsu in Konoha I believe, so therefore, he is close, medium and long range. He has this win because he is more experience, and can think out more plans and flaws then Neji ever could. Correct me if I am wrong, but since when does the Third not know about the Gentle Fist & Byagukan? He is the Hokage, and he’s been to the Hyuuga house many many times probably. He knows about the Byagukan, but maybe not the more deeper and secret effects of it.
    Like the others said, there IS a reason why he is THE Third Hokage.

  3. there is a reason why the third hokage is the third hokage n no one in neji’z clan waz i bet on the third but how madara vs minato

  4. you’re being biased
    it is unfair that the 3rd hokage cannot summon Enma or Death God Seal
    i’d pick third hokage anyway

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