"THIRD EYE"when will my third eye/6 chakra be open ive been feeling pressure at the right side of my fore head?

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when will my third eye/6 Chakra be open ive been feeling pressure at the right side of my fore head, sometimes its in the center of my brows, sometimes in on the left of my fore head and sometimes its all over and it burns really bad and itchy, kinda like a bad kindulini experience, or maby a energy blockage, could this be my intuition improving from better brain function, idk but why so painful? and is it true that the third eye is opened easier by lining up and opening chakras in order like root chakra to crown chakra. and i cant visualize all i see is darkness. so its very difficult. any answers, please only answer if you are experienced, a psychic, a guru, or simply understand.. i would like professional answers. i usually meditate thinking of the “aum” technique and look up between my brows, or i would look up meditate on my 3rd eye and start counting back from 100, 99, 98 and so on, that usually works, but even when im not thinking about my 3rd eye i feel the pressure so any experienced people have any throes or possible answers

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Sharingan or Byakugan?

lyulfian fenrir

You are absolutely right it is a blockage and as you well know they are affected by vibration access to a chakra bowl would be of great aid to you. when i was faced with similar pains a friend of mine told me to play the crystal bowl and when i did it took maybe thirty seconds and just about all of my chakras exploded open quite literally it felt like sparks afterward i felt allot better it worked for me i think it will work for you too.
been there it sucks i am sure that you could produce the right vibrations without the bowl it might be advantageous for you to look closely upon the vibrations of the third eye you will feel that pressure its normal but you want that pressure to grow and whats going to happen as you continue your vibration it will vibrate to the other chakras as well and if it is a blockage it will feel like little shocks or sparks and it will blow out those blockages. good luck
another method would be to visualize the crown chakra overhead glowing as it should visualize as you grab it and actually move the glowing chakra through the other chakra and it can have the same effect


It sounds like to me you are doing this more from a curiosity factor rather than a deep concern with your own spirituality. Playing around with the spirit world to see what will happen or just to have the experience of it can lead to all manner of physical difficulties because you have not prepared the spirit, mind and body for what can be unleashed.
Please be careful and just meditate, without all the intellectual activity. Intellectual activity is seldom appropriate with spiritual work, I have been helping people discover their abilities for a long time and I do urge you to be very careful. What you are doing is like playing with a downed electrical wire that is still live. There is a reason why, in indigenous tribes, the Tibetan monks and other similar cultures, people apprentice for years.


The meditation technique that you are using (looking towards the third eye) has caused an energy overload in your forehead. This overload has lead to the pain and itchiness. If you continue to meditate this way you will increase the overload and experience even more discomfort. So you should urgently change your meditation technique.
Once you have created an energetic overload it can take a weeks and months until it decreases again. In Tibetan Buddhism that is call lung-disorder – meaning energy disorder.
It would be best to talk to an experienced meditation teacher when you switch meditation technique.


always ask your mind, follow your conscience,
that’s enough, smile while you feel pain,


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