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Third eye? Is this true? Whats the difference between third eye and sixth sense?

They’re different. I know somebody who can see spirits, but cant feel what these spirits feel, and I know somewbody, who can sense the presence of a spirit, or other creatures not like us, and she can also feel, and explain what the spirits are doing, and the reason for being there. She can also see and feel the spirits or souls, even over the phone or internet? Like, when she was talking to her friend over the phone, she can tell and feel the presence of these souls. Even through the handwriting or drawing, she can see or relate to what u draw or write, by just lookin at it, even if she hasnt seen no gone to the said place. Its unbelievable, but its true. I know her. Can anybody explain this? can anybody relate to this?


  1. third eye is refering to a body part that i wont mention here sixth sense is what you are tlaking about they are completely diffrent and have nothing to do with each other

  2. The third eye doesn’t really have anything to do with spirits. It’s more of a method of enlightenment and gaining knowledge within yourself–far more personal.

  3. 3rd eye is when you can see into the future. sixth sence is when you can see who did what in the past or when you sense things going on in the present

  4. I believe what you are talking about there is different then the third eye i have always referred the third eye to being your minds eye close your eyes and look deep what can you see when you are a sleep dreaming you eyes are closed but you still see right there are other gifts people are given weather they are good or bad determines on how they are used

  5. The third eye is called such because the pineal gland is located somewhat behind (further inside ) that position near the forehead. Review images from a search engine about this, and you’ll see the pineal gland is a tiny little thing imbedded in the deepest part of your brain. It is said to be the physical place where the spiritual realm resides within. It’s believed by many to be where the ‘Kingdom of God within’ is located.
    A sense is a sense: an awareness/ feeling, whether it’s sixth, seventh, or whatever. It would be a result of that gland’s ability (rather, openness or level of development). Some people have awarenesses like you’ve mentioned, and still behave like horses’ patoots, so I have to wonder whether they really have one foot in ‘enlightenment’ after all , , ,

  6. i have both talents as well. my third eye ability is a lot stronger as of right now. i don’t know how i got it, it’s always been there but the older i got the stronger they got, so i’m working on developing them. it sounds as though your friend is well-attuned to the spiritual world. some people choose not to believe it or mock it, but that happens with anything that’s hard to explain.
    ps-whether it has anything to do with god or not is up to the individual. some christians etc consider it to be a gift from god. those with different beliefs see it as something from whomever they worship. and still others believe it’s just a part of the brain’s ability scientists have yet to discover.
    The third eye is a metaphysical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain eastern and western spiritual traditions. In New Age spirituality, the third eye may alternately symbolize a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply-personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with visions, clairvoyance, precognition, and out-of-body experiences, and people who have developed the capacity to use their third eyes are sometimes known as seers.
    Extra-sensory perception, or ESP, is the ability to acquire information by means other than the known senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing, balance and proprioception. The term implies sources of information unknown to science. Extra-sensory perception is also sometimes referred to as a sixth sense (as in coming after the first five listed, which are considered the five “classical” senses). The active agent through which the mind is able to receive ESP impressions has been named psi (Ψ, ψ).

  7. third eye is located above the nose, third eye allows you to see the future in visions and dreams, the sixth sense is an instinctual psychic ability so when youre in danger you can avoid it by fleeing or fighting.

  8. .There are four shades of Grey. this much I have learned. those who can do these task are gifted to touch creativity .To touch the pulse of life ,and to understand the path each flow is on.

  9. I can relate. Is it true? It depends on who you ask, you’ve seen it first hand and still don’t believe it. I think we all have pychic abilities of some kind, it’s just that some are more open to it than others. Have you ever had the phone ring and knew who was on the other end before you even picked it up? Intuition is our “sixth sense”. It tends to be called “womens intuition” but I think thats because women are more sensative and open to those kind of things than men are. Men are more about facts rather than feelings. But yes, I believe it’s true, that some people can sense or “see” spirits. As far as an explaination, I think that some people, like I said before, are just more susceptible to the “supernatural”.

  10. Jossie, I am going to talk to you stright and simple. I believe everything you have said that it happened. I dont know very much, but I know that Spirit comes close to us and helps us to be more spiritually aware. I have experienced many experiences and there is a particualr tingly feeling that comes when Spirit is near. This is the sixth sense sensing more than just physical presence.
    The third eye is initially linked to mediatiaion. It is an energy point/Chakra, and ther are seven main ones, form the crwon of the head to your toes.
    Depending on how tuned into spitit you are, depends on how ‘open’ your third eye is. Yes, you can see Spirit, Angels and even lost souls/ghosts from time to time.
    When you sense someone, just say God bless you, thankyou for coming and ask them to come and go in peace. If you have a negative feeling, send them away in the name of Jesus Christ, and that they try to find their way back to the Light.
    There is alot lore to say, but basically, take care of your spirit, if you do spiritual work, make sure you close down your chakras properly and try to recognise signs of the ones coming close to you. Always ask to calm, grounded, positive and protected through your Spirit guides/Angels.
    Remember, Spirit is the Christ Spirit of Light and Love, through the Son, we can do it!This comes directly from God, The Life Force Creator Love. The Trintiy is One.
    Follow from your heart and be true to yourself, then you spirit will be more balanced and atuned. It takes time, but patience is a virtue that is is worth the work.

  11. Third eye is a common name for Agya Chakra situated between eyebrows (a little above on forehead). This is the principal chakra and has a direct impact on all chakras and body, if it is properly activated.
    Some people, due to last birth’s karma, are born with active Agya chakra, hence they can see the unseen.
    Agya chakra can be activated and fully blossomed with some Yoga and meditation technique.
    Active Agya chakra can peep into astral worlds and see which is normally unseen…a fully blossomed Agya chakra can even show us God.
    Pineal Gland is not Agya chakra.. p.gland is gross physical counterpart of Agya chakra, because Agya chakra is not a part of physical body
    Intuition is not Agya chakra, although with activated Agya chakra, intuition also increases
    Intuition can be said as a higher vibration of mind and thus getting some signals of future events from Supra-mind

  12. How the hell can you insult and say that the third eye is a trick from the devil? Are you stupid or something? That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life!
    So you say, the devil was the one who created us and gave us the third eye who witch we were born with?! WOW, just wow.
    The third eye is real. It is real! And anyone who says no, is completely bullshitting since they don’t know what they are talking about. I have experienced it.

    • i hope everybody who criticizes the third eye and claims it is from the devil sees your comment stefan
      to fairandsquire human instinct can allow people to see as clearly with their eyes closed as they can with their eyes open?


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