Home Discussion Forum Thinking about starting to take a Tai Chi class?

Thinking about starting to take a Tai Chi class?

Has anyone taken one? What should I expect?


  1. My friend does it and i have done a bit
    its very relaxing ! like a exercise but different
    but it helps your mind body to co-ordinate
    like the gentle exercises in the movie “the karate kid” wax on wax off Daniel son

  2. depends who your instructor is and the style. i have taken a few styles,
    tai chi yang is slow moving, my instructor worked on the combat aspect of it more then the health,
    the Chen is a more faster pace style, then the yang.
    there are 5 main families or styles of tai chi.

  3. I took Yang from my father when I was younger and it is very slow moving. I am studying Chen currently, and as Shihan J said it is a little faster. I would have to agree with him that it really depends on your instructor as to what to expect.
    A little side note that I think is very important here is your body posture. These systems are slow moving when you are learning them because it is very difficult to learn proper body mechanics when moving fast; and there are some incredibly minute and subtle aspects of balance relaxation and movement, that must be learned properly; not only to stay upright and feel the health effects, but also to be effective and powerful in a combat scenario.


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