Thinking about starting a tarot fortune telling business, any helpful advice?

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I’m just learning to read tarot cards and think it would be a fun side business. I thought the easiest place to start out and test the waters would be at flea markets and or fairs. Anyone already doing this that could give me some advice? Also, what would you charge if you’re just starting out?

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Jim A

Well, what do your cards tell you?


Those cards should have sayed to get out and run while you can. That is not a business. Fortune telling is a joke. That is why they come and go,you don’thear about them and there is no money. You just need to be SAVED. The helpful advise FIND something else to do.

In The Cards

To be honest, the time to start charging for readings is after you’ve gained some experience. Right now, especially as you’re still learning, volunteer your time to get more experience. Read for whomever wants a reading and don’t be offended if some people turn you down. When you’re starting out, practice is a big part of getting it right.
And believe me, the experience is invaluable. People normally consult readers when they’re feeling vulnerable so it’s important to be able to give them the best information.
In terms of payment, what would you pay to get a reading from a reader at your level? I’ve gone through periods where I had a set rate for different readings but have moved over to a pay-what-you-can system. Less stress for me and I get to work with a broader range of people. I’ve found too that most people end up paying me the same amount.
I hope this helps!


Hi, I did read Tarot books to learn Tarot, because i love it and also I was thinking to sell readings, so I did in ebay and I got many customer happy but the problem was that each reading took me a lot of time because I do speak spanish and I should translate and revise each paragraph of the readings(I use to send it just by email) and also my prices were low to start.
I decide to stop to sell in ebay because there is a fee to sell there and make my own web site so I did in googlepages as a free http as a way of experiment before to get a my own www and I did learn that any successful web page is because their amount of traffic of visitor online so i will continue in the future and I will get a hosting for my web maybe yahoo. Right now I still making readings to get more experience and speed but I do not have too much time. I do not plan to go to Fairs ( I guest it would be very funny and exciting ). I can do it online this way is better for me . And answering you question I think there is a lot of people that like readings so there is a market. Good luck. Check ebay , category tarot readings or everything else after metaphysical then psychic then readings. . . I know old people that reads the Tarot and they do no charge but make a lot in tips because have experience and they make readings in front of the person. If you want to know more about Tarot get some books from the author Janine Renee she has a Bachelor Degree in Antropoloy and she is fantastic in Tarot.
The words funny and exiting are refering to the enviroment of
the fair not for the people.
Most business do not make you rich and with the Tarot you will have the satisfaction of help people ( listening to then is so helpful) and to know more about human nature .
I will take a psychology program soon because I notice that there is a lot of people that need orientation and revise their past to move ahead.


It’s usual to charge about $1 per minute with readings… sometimes people actually keep track of the time and charge it that way, others estimate the amount of time a reading will tend to take and charge a flat fee.
The cheapest tarot reader I ever found was for $10 for a three-card past-present-future reading. This was 10 years ago. $20 – $55 is usual depending on certain factors — how many expenses the reader has (like are booths at your flea market free, or are they, say $100 each? At $100, were you to charge $40 a reading, you’d need to do three to start being profitable.) Other factors to consider is how indepth the reading is, how established the reader is, etc.
Keep in mind almost nobody ever gets rich at this kind of job, the occult is rarely a huge moneymaker (only persons I can think of who got rich at it is Dr. Kioni or that Miss Cleo scammer.) So, do it for the fun of it, and you might make a little extra pocket money.


while you are using the word fun and side business, i am not sure it is wisest to play with real clients and their lives. you might find that psychic fairs are a good place to gain experience if you are serious.
reading for others requires, life experience and compassion, those coming to you will have real problems and be looking for real advice.
if you just worded this badly and feel this is for you then fairs etc are a really good way to put yourself in front of a client base. good luck

Sadhara Satguru

Hello Ruby
If you are just starting then charge small amounts!
Try not to see it as a ‘fun’ thing to do when it comes to the emotions of those that you see, for them their lives & issues are very real, so need love & care.
Flea markets etc will give you good grounding in how to conduct a reading, so a good move!


That’s great that you are interested in tarot! I had a tarot business for a while, and may go back to it, as a side job. I had business cards made and hung up flyers as well as working as a reader for a new aged book store. I also put up a web site. I charged $1:00/min. and offered package deals for parties.
If I were you I would get alot of practice under my belt before I actually charged anyone for a read (I would also tell the people you are practicing on that you are doing this for practice).
I read tarot cards for years before I started actually accepting payment for readings. I also read alot of books and took classes through Lillydale Assembly, as well as doing research on the web.
I also get alot of my books from I buy them used and get them for alot less.
I would:
practice everyday for at least a year (use the rider waite tarot deck to begin-when you learn that deck you can move onto a different one).
Contact a new age book store in your area to find classes on tarot reading
Understand that alot of people will be rude when they learn that you do tarot cards.
Reading tarot cards is a serious thing, alot of people will come to you b/c they are scared or upset about something and you have to know enough about the cards to tell your client what the cards are saying.
When you do learn enough about the cards I would hold off on fairs and things like that…I would look up cafe’s and coffee houses as well as new aged book stores in the area to see if they would let you come in and do your tarot readings in their business.
Last, but most important—Figure out your code of ethics and stick to them no matter what—and FYI I would never do readings for people when their frineds or family are able to hear you..

Mariah Diaz



Firstly, as others have advised you, you really need to know the cards and their meanings thoroughly, by heart, can visualize them accurately in your head, in your sleep šŸ™‚ You cannot rely on looking up a book meaning when you’re doing a live reading.
To do this, read as much as you can, any book on tarot that you can get hold of. Some are good, some are mediocre and some are rubbish – but all will have some kind of useful information, even if it is just defining what you don’t agree with.
Draw a card, or 3, a day, and journal your impressions, reactions, meanings of the symbols, book meaning, etc. Do this in a loose leaf binder so that you have plenty of room to add to it over the years šŸ˜‰
Join an online tarot community – there are a few good ones. Email me through my website if you’d like links. There are also some courses available, but check them out carefully. Tarot is not regulated, so no-one can offer you a ‘qualification’ in tarot.
Practice. Any chance you can get. Read for friends, family, fictional characters, problem pages, current events.
Throughout this period, put together a Code of Ethics – a guide to what you will and won’t do, in terms of a tarot reading.
Consider taking a counselling course – people often come to a reader when they have some kind of crisis in their life. Know when to refer them on to a relevant professional (medical, financial, legal, psychological)
I didn’t charge anything when I first started out. But I guess if you charged minimum wage, just for your time, that would be fair. Or you could barter. As you gain in experience and improve, you can increase your prices.
As a business, you will need Public Liability Insurance and Public Indemnity Insurance. You will need to register with the taxman, just like any other business.
BTW, it is uncool in most tarot communities to ‘tell fortunes’. Tarot is viewed more as a tool for self-development and guidance for problematic issues/situations.

Mariah Diaz

Hello! Iā€™m a fortune girl in training and I thought I could start a business. Wanna help? Go to to get a reading.


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