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Think, then Answer.Aren't we "Shapeshifters" physically, in Magick,in knowledge & in beliefs, throughout life?

I know that in every way I am a different entity than when I was 1 or 10.
I once had the belief that the end of World War two would be the end of all war. I now understand that war will be with us as long as human beings insist on knowing they, and only they, are correct.


  1. Interesting point…I agree with your thoughts. Life is in constant change.
    I hope you find the answers you need and peace in your heart.

  2. You mean that our bodies grow as we age…yes then.
    Knowledge grows as it’s sought..that’s a transformation yes.
    I also agree with beliefs too. I’m just not sure about magick.
    Have a great day.

  3. Not necessarily.
    Physically, yes we do change.
    The amount of knowledge we receive and how much and of what changes as well.
    For those who practice magic, yes again.
    However a person’s beliefs, as in religion may not change throughout their life. You could have a person that is strict to the Bible, Torah, Qur’an, or any holy book,material, or idea from the when they are young to the day they die. For instance, if a person is born into a family of atheists and is raised atheist, there is a very good chance that they will not change and begin believing in God.
    However if by beliefs you mean, values or ideas, they probably change as a person grows, but in regards to beliefs in religion that may not be true.

  4. no demons are shapeshifters, they are aliens, they are ghosts they levitate objects for wiccans (by going invisible) they are orbs, they are fairies, and big foot, they are the shadow people and succubus and incubus, they are mothman and the list goes on and on….

  5. it’s simple… it’s called adapting to one’s enviroment. if we stayed the same as we were when we were 10 years old then we wouldnt be able to keep a job or survive on our own.

  6. Quality comparison. My only concern with this idea is the ability to do so at will. Shape shifting, for me, seems to be associated with control over the transformation at an accelerated rate.
    While you maintain some control over your appearance and health, growth is inevitable from birth through out life.
    Beliefs are products of influence from others who have pondered ideologies long before we were given the chance to do so. We can choose what we believe, but it is not without some outside authority.
    Knowledge is one I would agree with you on. Knowledge is definitely a pursuit.
    Magick, if I understand the use of the word correctly, is something that not all have mastered or acquired. Thus, eliminating it from any generalized discussion. I feel inadequate in attempting to discuss this one.
    Of course, the were-wolf throws a wrench in my system!

  7. Shapeshifters?, I don’t know entirely what that is.
    Now “evolving”, hopefully you are evolving each day, because when people stop evolving, life becomes miserable and shorter for them.
    I am in constant change and growth. My knowledge, my body / health, my beliefs, etc. All this and more, changes / evolves every moment, but your “entity” is still “you”, the soul you are now, and always will be, again and again.
    War will continue until humans discover how to live in pure love. Then nobody would care who claimed to be correct! e-g-o!

  8. I’d say the only way we are shapeshifters in a physical sense, is through evolution. Not an instant shapeshifting (like some young and naive would think), but a gradual shift through our lives. We do shift shapes from infant, to child, to teen, to adult, to elder, to corpse.
    I’m not sure if I would necessarily call a shift in consciousness, mentality, or belief a “shape” shift, but I guess it could…in a sense.
    Interesting thing to think about.
    I agree with your comment on the wars too. Human beings have some odd need to constantly be right and prove others wrong. “There is no reason for another to be right, when I am the one who is right”. Even if we were able to get everyone in the world to live in peace, we, as humans, would fight over how to achieve the peace and maintain it.

  9. Interesting point! I remember writing in my diary once. It was my birthday the following day and I wrote that “the twelve year old Tori will write tomorrow”. Like she was a completely different person!

  10. I agree with your point however when hearing the term shapeshifter I think of something more like Misteeq from X-men, actively changing shape by choice rather than growing in addition to what we are.


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