Things evolve in order to develop life saving traits, so how long before embryos learn telepathy?

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It seems that maybe this is the only way they can get their Mothers to stop killing them by asking them directly from their womb to not kill them. What do you think?

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Get a fifth grade biology book.
Evolution is not conscious. Mutations are not conscious.
Maybe sperm should develop the ability to live outside of the testes. That way I won’t be committing genocide when I fap.

Who aren't you?

Just before they evolve not to eat, so they aren’t a burden on our food supply.

warrior for jesus

they would need brains for that and undeveloped clumps of cells do not have minds

Geezer Geek

Of course, from this question I assume you remember the thoughts you had when you were in your mother’s womb.


Considering that children can’t even understand the concept of death until around age 5-7, makes me think that if the embryo could “talk” this way it would probably only say things like:
“Sure is warm in here.”
“You are moving a lot.”
“I’m sleepy.”
I doubt they would come up with “Oh please mommy, i know you’re only 15, and Billy Ray Daddy can’t keep a job cause he dropped out of middle school, but i want to LIVE!
Evolution isn’t some sentient force making things get better by design.
If it were we’d have wheels instead of feet, and use solar energy instead of eating, and our genitals and anuses wouldn’t be 2 inches apart.


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