TH(Family ONLY!)New News!The stalkers are thru with the band!?

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I’m kinda happy right now.I just read this article and it shows how stupid the stalkers are and ALSO that they’re thru with Tokio Hotel and that they never wanna see them again.!I feel like this thing is finally getting close to be over.They still deserve to be fined though imo.But I’m happy that it sounds like they’re not gonna scare the band or hurt them anymore.
What do you think about this new article?Are you happy that this things is finally getting close to being over?
PS If any haters or trolls come on here you will be reported.This question is for fans so if you get reported it’ll be your own fault.
Stars are greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
For what I wrote before they didn’t put some things I put on there.After the link I wrote YIPPEE!I finally feel like this….
And then the rest is on
I’m so sorry that it didn’t work.Here is the link again.Hopefully it works this
I think it is almost over Deiluvr.Since they don’t like Tokio Hotel anymore I think they’ll finally stop stalking them.I’m happy because the boys can finally start concentrating on other things than this you know?
Yeah I know what you mean Kayla.But as long as they leave the boys alone I’m
Yeah those stalkers are crazy and need to be in a mental

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hey, I starred, but um.. the artical says Error 404 or whatever it says.. 🙁
But I’m glad the band aren’t getting stalked anymore!

Tom Kaulitz 4 eva

thats so kool
its just so gud that those girls will nt irritate them or stalk them any more , for the first time i dun have any prob that anybody hates them .


*sigh of relief*
Finally, I hope what they say…they really mean. Now, maybe the boys can breathe easy again and start to focus back on the music we all love XD.
I’m so over all of this stalker crap, I just wish they’d disappear and never bother the boys again. Perhaps, this article shows a step in that direction? 😀

♥♫丰 tokio hotel luver 丰♫♥

wow, that will be great that they get away 4m the band………..but i really hope it’s true n that they do it for real.

☮ Kayla Kaulitz

Idk how i feel about this it’s all getting old to me now. Of course i’m still worried for Bill & Tom but i mean it kinda seems like a joke to me now. All these girls want is fame and attention and now since Bill and Tom are taking legal action they decide to seem like the victims and run away from the situation. But if they decide to leave them alone for good then THANK F*KING GOD! let’s celebrate! =D


That was scary for awhile… curse them stalkers!

pürpl£ p¡ckl£s süppørts Ŧøm K! ♥

how can the stalkers be fans?!?! they are STALKERS!!!
& they said that they had other reasons for sending them that letter, but it was to THREATEN them!
& they said that they did not attack bill & tom’s mom, but i saw a video somewhere on youtube of them attacking her… i don’t know if it was real or not because i really don’t know what their mom looks like.
& the stalkers said that the pics on their myspace were not of them?!?! who else could it have been? what, do they just put random pics of random people on their myspace?
well enough of the ranting… lmao…
i just really hope that the stalkers leave tokio hotel alone!

Ich liebe dich!!<3

Thank goodness.!!!..I feel a big relief right now..!!..I just hope those pathetic girls will disappear of the boys’ lives 4 evah…!!!

Misz Dannie[♥] ILY Tokio Hotel!

I’m so happy the band won’t be stalked or bothered by them(: that means they can work on their album !!


OMG THANK GOD!! finally those boys can breathe and live their lives in peace and get working on the cd im gonna die if the cd doesnt come out soon lol…im dying to see the boys again


i honestly don’t believe what they said
ya know the whole thing about not hurting Simone and the letter wasn’t to threat them and so on
they’re probably/most likely making it up to make themselves look better which is OBVIOUSLY not working
they might as well just say the truth…its not like people are going to just start liking them or watev
well its a good thing this whole thing is finishing cuz well enough was enough already
i was tired of it all
it was stupid and not called for
the guys can breathe now and not have to worry about em anymore..unless of course those…things..decide to stalk them again but they better not
but anywho
i think everybody should just forget about it all and put a smile on their faces and get excited over the new album coming out soon!
thanks for putting this up 😉

ƙʀɨʂʂɨ ᴌɨᴛɀ

Oh thats fantastic!!
Maybe they will finally be able to get on with the album. Not that I care that they should put the album before their safety or anything, but still, we have been so fricken patient.


Ugh. I hate those stalkers they make me so mad, but if it’s true that they are going to leave the band alone (finally) then I am super excited!!! Hopefully this mess will all be finished with soon and the guys can get back to doing what they love to do without all that extra added stress those stalkers caused them. Those stalkers still better have the law come down hard on them because what they did was cruel and they deserve to be taught a lesson. But as long as they leave the band alone I am happy!!

Ŧ Bill Kaulitz Smexy Ŧ

omg im so happy


“At a gas station Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz (19) slapped Perrine in the face.”
HAHAHA HE SLAPPED HER! That’s hilarious! Go Tom! (I thought he had punched her!)
You know what? …I VERY much doubt this is “over” like they say it is. They are INSANE and obsessed, I have a feeling they’re not stopping here. They will probably cool off for about a few weeks/months and then get to stalking again without getting caught..
I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen, but it’s just what I think >.>
We need to find these girls and beat the crap out of them…teach ’em a lesson >:]


YEAH THAT MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!! im soo glad… me and my friend are going to make team tom shirts this weekend! and yeah i still think they should be fined!

Angela :)

Now they can live their life. And they can start on their new album.


wow I’m glad they said they are thru with the band i just hope they keep that promise for ever and ever, and I hope they still get fine a lot of money still, how many times are they going to sound like in interviews like they are the innocent ones and tokio hotel are the bad ones, witch we all know they are the bad ones, XD
I hate how they say that all the time in there words, oh we did not do nothing wrong at all bs you know then why did Tom punch your dumb ass XD
finally i can say it’s almost over.

Live Every Second


~Bill Kaulitz is hot =D~ MY MAN!

Yay us! LOL


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