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These great masters, Bodhidharma or Gichin Funakoshi, are walking down a dark ally and then without waring 51?

These great masters, Bodhidharma or Gichin Funakoshi, are walking down a dark ally and then without waring 51 ninja attck who killes more ninja? they all are unarmed. However,both funakoshi and Bodhidharma are in top shape. Iif the both live past ninja do they fight and who would win?


  1. If you know anything about Bodhidharma, you would know that his philosophy was to defend only when necessary. He would never take on Funakoshi-san just for the sake of fighting him. He would also more than likely not kill any ninja but incapacitate them. You need to remember that in the days Bodhidharma was alive, there was no such thing yet as a martially trained Shaolin monk. That developed about a century AFTER Bodhidharma went to China to teach at the Shaolin Temple. Bodhidharma was a true Buddhist, a yoga master, and a master of Indian fist fighting — which eventually evolved into Shaolin Kung Fu. His was was very peaceful, and he would not send anyone to their deaths knowing that they would reincarnate in a manner that reflected their previous life.
    Funakoshi-san also detested a life of war. He saw his beloved Okinawa become part of the Japanese empire. He saw his peers pressed into service for Japanese glory. He did not like what was happening, and his art developed as a way of preserving Okinawan tradition, both in Okinawa and also on the Japanese mainland. He would not choose to fight Bodhidharma, either. However, he would defend himself quite well against the ninja. Would he kill them? Most unlikely, although he would incapacitate and possibly cripple them. He would then more than likely demand who their master was and send the injured back with the message that only a real man solves his conflicts by himself, not by his minions.

  2. That really depended on who wrote the script and what the director told the people playing Bodhidharman or Gichin to do. In fact that is the only place you’d see such a thing.

  3. Ninjas fight dirty, with weapons, so both masters would be killed. If the ninjas were unarmed both masters would kill an equal number as to remain competitive. The final showdown would be a friendly spar match were both masters will go on for quite some time until they declare it a draw.

  4. I do not think either would fight one another they were far too pacife for them to have ever fought one another they probably would have had alot to share with each other these two great Masters.
    If ANY one was attacked by 51 people carrying weapons they would have a problem and I highly doubt either Master carried lots of weapons. They also usually were with a group of students and would have protection from students.
    too me it is just not a feasable situation to happen. The better fighter is always the one that walks away unscahted and avoids it. For either Master to have had to actually fight would have gone against their beleifs and they would feel they would have failed themselves and if they did fight I doubt they would kill, only incapacitate.
    Plus ninja were hired assasin, 51 is alot to pay for.

  5. Boddhidharma was a yogic monk that only established the BASICS for shaolin; he only invented the basics to improve the health of the chinese monks. Even then, it was only some breathing and muscle tensing exercises. He wasn’t like the later shaolin practitioners who masters in many weapon and fighting forms.
    Also, they were both pacifists, so ninja wouldn’t have a real reason to be hired to kill them.

  6. they both win!!! after passing the peace pipe to each other and tripping out on the 51 ninjas they will burst out laughing because the 51 ninjas were just a shared hallucination, they were in fact in the middle of a hash forest.

  7. I love Ana’s posts. She’s one of the few intelligent people on here who have researched their history and can speak with authority and conviction on subjects.
    Just to add..
    Bodhidharma was a monk, and his training was for health of body. It was not changed into a combat system for many years. It was ONLY for health of body. However his dedication was to the path of Buddhist enlightenment. So what he may have lacked in experience he made up for in spirit and peace.
    Funakoshi developed Shotokan to preserve the “one hit, one kill” older budo philosophy. They were not allowed to competition spar. Funakoshi didn’t believe in it. It was only after his death that Shotokan practitioner’s began to compete. Funakoshi believed that the secret of training for true budo lied in the perfection of kata. He was the most devoted kata practitioner I have ever heard of.
    Decide for yourself, but my bet would be no one would have attacked either of them, for neither man would have offered any offense to bring about this situation. Through their lives they gained a respet and admiration that would have prevented such a thing.


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