There is no God and no logical reason to believe there is a God. Why are people so delusional?

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How is it rational people can take books of such obvious nonsense and let Shaman and Witchdoctors talk them into becoming believing?

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Citizen of the Cosmos

I think you’re a little confused…


OK, you have spoken but you are wrong, according to my belief…..

Red Atheist

religion isn’t a logical reaction to our world, it’s an emotional reaction to our world.


Atheist a little ?


It’s called compartmentalization.
If you think it’s prelateral simplification then give me a thumbs down.

Beletje_vos AM + VT

Indoctrination; faith; being willfully ignorant


There is a God and no sane reason to deny Him. Why are people so self-righteous that they can’t acknowledge there is someone/something out there that is in charge of it all?


there is a GOD and he is JEHOVAH, he is the reason you are here in this world, and becuz u dont belive he exists, he will punish you, and you will pay the consequences

Alice [[Biohazard]]

Religion preys on the emotions of humanity

David H

Because it is terribly difficult to learn how to face a world and a life that has no purpose. People are lazy, so they opt for the easy way out — myths. Wheee!

there's an app for that

there are shamans and witchdoctors in christianity?


because people are like sheep they can’t help them selves when it comes to flocking it feels soooo good


Because people are scared of death and need something to comfort them. Pathetic.


Fear… a need to believe in something to avoid being responsible. Combined with a lack of being able to think for self.

Deep Thought

Because that’s all part of the program. The mice made it that way. How else could I get the Question to the The Answer of Life, the Universe, and Everything without factoring in the God concept? Why do you think that there are 42 generations from Abraham to Jesus in the bible? It ALL part of the calculations.
Ha ha! I thumbs downed everyone! Feel the wrath of my mouse!
Remember, don’t panic, and whatever you do, don’t forget your towel!

Nathan H

Sir Isaac Newton was a Christian who believed in God.
Sir Isaac Newton is considered one of the best scientists of all time.
Read his book called “The Principia” in the section “General Scholium”


G-d isn’t about logic. G-d is about faith.
I personally wish He WOULD put in a personal appearance, like George Burns in the “Oh, G-d” movies. Having definite answers makes life a whole lot easier. Can I smite? What’s up with butt sex? Is it a sin if I just THINK a bad thing? Are these watermelons ripe?


I know what u mean, but for some reason people want to believe that there is an after life even though there isn’t. Believing gives people a piece of mind.


I give up — explain it to the Billions of us out here, on the planet, why you think we are so “delusional”! Could part of you answer be that you are feeling so superior in such a mediocre world – perhaps? Or; maybe feeling a little insecure about who you ARE?

the chosen one

Tell me what human on Earth wrote the hygiene laws in the book of Leviticus for the human race to follow based on their knowledge of the germ theory 3500 years ago? You are right. No human could have back then. God is also asking why are atheists so delusional when He is the One who wrote them?

John K

How about the fact that we’re here. It could have been God that created us. If not then you still have to believe in some other theory that you weren’t there to witness. Why is believing in God any more illogical?


I’m not sure what you are talking about since the God I know was not revealed through shamin and witchdoctors but from everyday people.
Noah, Moses, John, Matthew, Mark, Luke. They were just people. Maybe you ought to read their account of what they saw and lived. It might help you sound more rational and less delusional and you might even learn something.

Gavin T

I’m 13 year old Catholic and I will never deny the Existence of God. NEVER.
It would take WAY to long to put it into writing. This is a video of my religion teacher doing his thing.
May you understand the truth about God, the Omnipotent and Almighty, Creator.


Excuse me? Who is Shaman and I have never talked to a witchdoctor. Another example of someone who has never read the Bible becoming an expert on it.
Get you a Bible, take about 5 years to really read and study then come back and ask an intelligent question.


It isn’t some delusional whatever. All the evidence that has been found in regards to Christianity has only proven that it’s true, not false.


There has to be a God in order for you to deny that there is a God –
It takes more faith to believe that there is no God; to believe we all just happened by ‘accident’ – that there is no purpose in life other than to come into existence and die. why bother doing good?
People can be distracted, mislead by many different religions, that is for sure; some people follow ‘fads’ that are really religions in disguise – the bible tells us that people will be mislead – As far as witchdoctors go, that is their faith, their beliefs – Christians believe that God heals;


I believe there’s a universal desire to believe
–that you are loved,
–that your enemies will be punished,
–that there will be justice eventually, even if only after death,
–that you can control reality by saying prayers / spells,
–that you can get some powerful being to do your bidding this way (“Dear God, please let Mom recover from the accident”)
–that the bad things that happen to you have meaning, and must somehow be good for you in your loving/punishing god’s eyes,
–that humans were given a divine right to _____ (dominate other species, dominate each other, dominate other religions, countries, whatever),
–that good things that happen to you are rewards for your own goodness, and not just random luck (or hard work, or a reasonable consequence of behaving well),
–that (in most religions) we will never be separated from the people we love, because they will join us in life after death,
–that we will not, in fact, die, because there IS some kind of life after death, where we will be free of pain (if we have earned it) forever,
–that you (you, your family, your people, your nation, “God Bless America”) have been specially chosen by a god; you’re special, special, special, compared to every other person, family, people, or nation,
and so on. It’s natural to want those things, and apparently it’s natural to want them so much, you’ll either make something up or buy into an existing mythology, no matter how peculiar it is or how ludicrous in comparison to what you yourself know of reality.
All over the world, people want to believe in a perfect parent/big brother, and so they make up stories that give them comfort, and help them accept the unacceptable (slavery, poverty, domestic violence, etc.) and explain the inexplicable (or what used to be inexplicable, like fire and gravity and stars).
I don’t. What science has explained so far is good enough for me, and what isn’t explained yet, will be eventually. Look how fast we’ve moved from the introduction of Gutenberg’s movable type to wireless instant messaging and cell phones. Good and bad happen to us all (“the rain falleth on the just and the unjust” isn’t only Christian scripture, it’s also basic common sense). That’s simple math — the laws of probability — and not a reason to get excited or guilty.
Hoo, boy, here come the downrates! Hey, they asked, I answered (thoroughly) and that’s what rating is for — not whether it’s the answer YOU would have given.
Probably, u haven’t got a brain u. U have no idea. God isn’t just one who can be found just where ever u look. He will never show himself to u unless u pray or worship him. And btw, what makes u think that there is no God? Btw, I can actually prove it to u, and i can help u by showing u the correct way to understand God.


it’s an emotional response to a difficult experience. some people are not strong minded enough to take on “life’s challenges” so they need to believe in something higher than themselves or in other words, delude themselves, so that they can better face the experience. essentially, religion is just another way for some people to keep on living.


Psalm 14:1
The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.


It’s an inability to engage in rational thought. It’s like the people who believe that the world will end in 2012. There is a lot of information out there to suggest that may be true. They’re perfectly willing to accept the assertions of others rather then make any intellectual effort to determine if the point of view is valid. They like the idea and so they will grab onto it if enough people will say it’s true.
I wish it were true, myself. I hate working, and the city. I hate the idea of a slow death of the planet due to corporate greed and corruption. I would like nothing better than to believe the world will meet a cataclysmic end in just a couple of years. I’m just too aware for that. I do my own thinking too much. I take the information and try to verify it for myself. I’m not a sheep.
That is the different between a rational and delusional person. One likes the idea and finds ways to believes it, while another likes the idea but checks the facts and accepts the results.


How much research have you done on this matter? Have you read any of the Apostolic Fathers, or the doctors of the church or the reformers or the apologists. How much effort have you put into actual research of the believes of people and how they work? This is a very uninformed statement.


They are exercising their God given freedom.


Maybe they have had the awareness to watch their thought process and conditioning and have come to the conclusion through their own experience rather than through blind belief that there might be a creative power outside themselves that is constantly expanding?
Who gives you the right to be so judgemental and condescending? If you have decided there is nothing above your unlocked little human life let that be your choice, don’t be nasty towards others for their choices


DO you thing that people can be the reincarnation of gods?

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