Home Discussion Forum There is a Tibetan chant/intoning/song that heals grief.?

There is a Tibetan chant/intoning/song that heals grief.?

If anyone has heard or knows of it, I need a link to it, please? Or, at least a name so I can find it somewhere.
thank you so very, very much. I had forgotten about it. I’m having trouble dealing with grief since my dad died last summer. I’ve only been able to handle it in little pieces. Just a little at a time. Thanks.


  1. Squirt, There is no fix all. There is no drug, to heal you from grief. You need to forgive and affirm the rest of your life to others. You have something invented, the memories of your dad and his circumstances. You need to get that out. You need to share the reality of his life with others, being as compassionate and respectful of the weaknesses you perceived from him. That is how we heal… not all of a sudden.. not chanting…. but sharing.
    If you get it out, you unfold some more of Creation Energy that builds our uncertainty comfort level in life.
    Your father’s life was not a void! If there is any reality in your life, memories of events that are real to you, they are important to you, not void! Don’t fall for this crap of voiding!
    If you void his life, you live in a void ance. That is my take.
    My daughter, even though we disagreed, she was perfect …as perfect as any being could ever be….definitely not something I a void!
    Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in
    Forgive Affirmed Spirit

  2. for serenity; [ repeat as you meditate or in “stressful” situation}
    Om Mani Padmi Hum
    Om Mani Padmi Hum
    NAMASTE’ my friend! (((((((+)))))))


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