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There is a correlation between Pagan religions and the below quote, what is it?

Your search among books, word upon word, may lead you to the depths of knowledge, but it is not the way to receive the reflection of your true self.
When you have thrown off your ideas as to mind and body, the original truth will fully appear. Zen is simply the expression of truth; therefore longing and striving are not the true attitudes of Zen.
-Dogen, “The Practice of Meditation”
Peace and Love


  1. Correlation how? Paganism is about being and working with nature… you’re quoting Buddhism, which most Pagan ideas have nothing to do with… they are similar in SOME ways as in their perceptions of humans vs. the universe, but still different in their approach.
    Unless of course you’re labeling Buddhism and Hinduism as being “pagan” which is nothing more than bigotry and a huge thumbs down.

  2. That quote is in direct opposition to Paganism. Since we believe we are part of the world, to reject part of the world is reject part of ourselves. Throwing off ideas is throwing off the lessons we are on this world to learn, striving is the method we use to serve the Gods we love, and the reflection of our true selves is in our actions and the lives we lead. You clearly have no understanding at all of what it mean to be a Pagan.

  3. Perhaps, because there are some people who consider themselves pagan because they’ve read a bunch of books about it and therefore theoretically know how to balance chakras, cleanse areas, banish negativity, etc. However, if they’ve never done it, just read about it, they don’t really understand the religion. No religion is something you can get solely from books.


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