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There are many kinds of crafters. Do you know the true and full meaning of this word in religion and Magick?

Circe and Arachne are crafters. Though Circe had knowing intent of the evil she was doing.
The search for knowledge and truth is a craft.
The making of a spell or prayer is a craft.
A true crafter can help a person use their own craft as an answer a call for help from that person. Sometimes Magick and sometimes common sense.


  1. actually i can honestly say i have no clue what your talking about, but with a lil effort im a guessing something about ….something

  2. Honestly, I’m not sure. Do you mean crafters as in people who can manifest stuff? Or people who can do kinesis? I’m sorry I don’t know. I’ve studied this kind of stuff but never have I come across that word.

  3. Well, I am using your own list of crafts which are followed in religion and magick. I could say that my craft is massage therapy and aromatherapy. It is what I do. The details of how I go about my work is not too complicated. I often ask for assistance from a higher power so that I can help people heal themselves, but the energy is in me. I will say the results are seen as magical in the eyes of many.
    Bone setter
    Maker of potions
    Candle maker
    Animal caller
    Teachers of philosophy
    Maker of poultices
    Finder of Ley Lines
    Edit: Now I have to go heal…be back later.
    I never really thought of myself as a true crafter, but I am an energy worker and do fit the definition you gave, in that I pray and help other people heal themselves. I wouldn’t have thought one who seeks knowledge or truth to be a crafter, but it does make sense. Thanks for your explanation.


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