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There are hundreds of Christian denominations with views that range in the political spectrum…?

… from radical, Nazi right to kooky, tree hugging left and every other possible worldview in between. Why then do self proclaimed Aetheists and Progressives refer to this widely diverse population as some sort of monolithic group of identically minded automatons of the most extreme conservative viewpoint possibly espoused?
(i.e “christians think X”, “You christians always do Y”, etc.)


  1. Two explanations:
    (1) all those diverse denominations are right;
    (2) all those diverse denominations are wrong;
    The answer is biblical

  2. Because currently, the Christians that make the most noise are the ones that you describe.
    A better question is, why should I believe the Christians who say “Oh those other people weren’t REAL Christians. I of course am one of the REAL ones.”?
    Or even better, can I really take somebody seriously who starts a question off with “Why do all atheists do the following…”?
    And I take it by “Aetheists” you mean “Atheists”.

  3. For the same reason that most Christians say “You Atheists”, or “you Pagans”, or “You unbelievers”. We group things for convenience. It’s much shorter than saying “You fundamentalist evangelical Pentacostal Christians”. The truth is that “MOST” Christians have a fairly consistent set of beliefs. MOST denounce homosexuality. MOST believe abortion to be wrong. That’s just the way it is.
    The best that you can do is to point out a belief that is not held by you that is held by other Christians when someone paints with a broad brush. That’s what I do when someone says somethign about Pagans that doesn’t apply to me.

  4. We are targeting the most vocal group, the right wing Nazi types.
    And typically, the other Christians don’t take a stand against them, so…………….

  5. You make a valid point. I do think that when atheists post something like that they are aiming it at the most vocal christian component here. We need to be clearer in our wording. I don’t think anyone would lump Father K in with that group. They give him more sh*t sometimes than they give us. My newest resolution is to avoid the words “you people” at all cost.


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