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Theosophy, New Age, and Wicca?

Why do people seem to think that all Theosophist practice New Age and/or wicca? It doesn’t make sense to me. When you study true Theosophy you can see that it is entirely separate from New Age and Wicca. Sure, many theosophist practice New Age ideas, and a few Wiccans are theosophists, but you can be a theosophist without believing any New Age or Wiccan beliefs. So why do people seem to automatically assume that a theosophist is a Wiccan or a New Age believer?
“A few Wiccans are Theosophists,” means just that. That a few Wiccans are Theosophists. Not all Theosophists are Wiccans and not all Wiccans are Theosophists. They are two entirely separate ideas. Just like not all mothers are sisters and not all sisters are mothers. Two different concepts, but it’s possible for people to be both. I don’t see how that’s contradictory, or how it doesn’t make sense.


  1. You are contradicting some of your sentences.
    “A few wiccans are theosophists,”
    So you should make a new question because this one does not make much sense.

  2. Because people don’t bother to look into religions other than their own. If people did take a look at the hundreds, if not thousands of religions out there, they’d probably realize that there can only be ONE truth, and it’s unlikely that they picked the right one. They’d realize that to find the truth you need solid evidence. Eventually they’ll realize that all religions must be wrong.

  3. It’s just a little bit of naive ignorance. I wouldn’t blame people for that given that theosophy is steeped in obscurity when compared to other religious or spiritual paths. Most people are reasonably familiar with Wicca and the New Age movement, in that they’ve heard of both at least once or twice. Theosophy isn’t something people talk much about, so it is natural for there to be some misunderstanding from those who do not know any better.
    Why not strive to educate and clear up those misconceptions? It seems that you might be in a good position to do so, if you chose.

  4. I don’t lump wiccans in the same group. But I see Theosophy as catalyzing the New Age movement as we know it today.
    Ever since Blavatsky wrote “Isis Unveiled,” the paradigm shift of thought was forever influenced, and that is what produced Benjamin Creme, Constance Cumbey, Marylin Furgeson, Alice Baily, revival of believe in Lord Matraiya etc… All the way down to Oprah and Eckart Tolle.
    Both theosophy and the New Age are repackaged Eastern mysticism. While it’s true that Theosophy has more elements of Greek and Egyptian mythology, it is still what spawned the shift in popular thought and resulted in the new age movement. Now it has spun so far out of control, that those who haven’t been following closely would not recognized the roots of the modern face of theosophy and the new age.
    The Age of Aquarius, is just around the corner (2 Thess. 2). I hope you’re ready for it!

  5. “New Age” is an incredibly vague term that has no useful definition and frequently is used to include anything supernatural or occult, which means everything from Theosophy to Wicca to guardian angels, chakras, Atlantis and Indigo Children.
    Calling Theosophy “Wicca” is just ignorant. My best guess is this comes from the same type of people who think all pagans celebrate the Wheel of the Year, cast spells, use athames, and follow something called the Pagan Rede.
    In short, “I’m too lazy to learn anything about these people. I think I’ll just smash them all together and approximate. That sounds close enough.”

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