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THEORY TIME : God of Energy – Positive and Negative Energy and the Bible?

One of gods laws is that of the law of polarity that everything has an opposite and must have a negative and a positive to it.
This means if God is everything that would explain positive and negative energy.
It also seems clear to me the Mayan Calendar is trying to teach us that we are increasing the amount of positive energy in our life and that it tracks evolution based on its Calculation of going around 20x faster and using 13 cycles with nine or ten underworlds.
However, the law of polarity should also state that we must have an opposite to the Mayan Calendar, so in essence this is not the end of the Mayan Calendar, but the 1/2 way point of it.
We can safely assume that the Bible was written up to the point of around the time of Christ and therefore it was around 2000Bc to 100AD?
This would mean that the energy level the bible was written at would be at about 30% of 100 and very shortly after a huge 25% moment came into play. For does it not seem that the Bible was written at the Mayan Calendar 25% mark (25% mark is the end of the Regional Cycle and 50% marks should be the end of 2012.)
Now considering how much fear is portrayed in the bible and how religions interpret the bible, does this make any sense that “The Bible” could possible be the energy from that of Negative energies view of love? This is what they think love is all about hence the fear. Or is this negative energy adding fear to the love because there was so much of it at the time written by the bible, meaning a combination of both?
What about Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch? (Was this channeled from the positive energy of the great polarity?) After reading it several times it seems very positive and from that of what the energy of love seems to teach. After all now according the Mayan Calendar we are now over 40% evolved now.
Does it also not seem like change is normal and change is constant in the universe? Everything is constantly changing. So, why are religions so scared of change, and does it not seem we need to make a serious change to most religions and scriptures for they are very fear based and we are moving away from fear into that of the energy of love?
Peace and light and the videos below explain more of what I am talking about.
The Math of the Mayan Calendar which is used to calculate time theory

The shift from Fear to Love
1) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe_APdgsPBU
2) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiPuT6XhWZo
ZA – Google Search “Seven Universal Laws”
KHard: Yes very similar to that as magnets makes it easier to understand it. For the mystics say “Energy attracts like Magnets”


  1. I did not realize that God was Zoroastrian. Thanks: You have just corrected thousands of years of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theology with three youtubes.

  2. The law of the universe is balance. I believe that positive and negative must take place simultaneously for this balance. Einstein proved this theory. (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) Negative doesn’t necessarily mean bad. We look at weeds in our garden as bad, but weeds on a hillside are good because they stop erosion. It all goes back to how we think about things. You’re right…fear is the blocker. People tend to close their minds to things outside their comfort zone. Religions don’t want to change, as it would mean giving up control of the masses.
    I know the Mayans have it right. Just because the calendar stops on 12-21-12, doesn’t mean THE END OF LIFE…it only means life as we know it now. The 50/50 sounds about right in this point in time.

  3. Everything is always changing.. Even God changes daily in proportion to our changes..Whether knowingly or unknowingly what we are discussing is relativity which requires negative energies, to allow positive energies…The totality of negativity is not limited to our planet but from all the planets in all the universes..Negativity on our planet is now in abundance, making room for a much wanted positive influx..Good times are indeed coming.. “G”


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