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Theory on death.Reincarnation belief.is not hard as its easy to say death is like stepping into another room?

It not only eases the conscience of the deceased koved ones when
adressed but your own Death like life occurs so naturally that since life was unasked for that death is the same and a belief in unawareness is impossible and an afterlife not only feels good but that death is not the end but that only a new beginning. Life is inconceivable without life ad infinitum. Death is a farce played on us by some unknown ultimate answer or powers?
After all why do we question about life after death in the first place?


  • I certainly do not believe in reincarnation, for it is not taught by God. I will always be me, now then and forever. Jesus will forever be Jesus, then, now and always.
    Just because my body dies, is no sign that the real Me died. The real Me will live on. Jesus said he that lives and believes in me shall never die.
    So I will never die. My spirit will just pass from this house, or body, into a glorified house or body, and will live forever.
    That is the glory and no amount of atheists junk will take it away. while they are destroyed, I will live on and on., forever as me.

  • I believe that the Bible, having all its books, says that after death we will either go to Heaven or Hell. From the start people have always wondered what is after death and there are three types of people who i think of that wonder about death. those who have faith in their religion know the answer, they believe they will go to heaven. Then there are those who believe in evolution, mos likely the body will just rot on this world and the spirit will be free (if u want to know more ask them). The last is those who don’t have much faith and believe in evolution. I think that were you stand, as well as many other people so there really isn’t an answer to your question.

  • Because if we started to question the fact that there is no life after death, then we would have to question the reliability of evolution (wouldn’t that be great :). If we are just “evolved” animals, then there can be no possible life after death. We would then have to admit that there is a Supreme God and shatter the very foundation of evolution. We would then have to say that man is responsible for his actions and that there is a difference between right and wrong; sin and holiness; good and bad. What may seem fun and alternative (like sex outside marriage or gay marriage) would then be considered sin. So if you like to cause trouble, believe in life after death; but to me the trouble is all worth it.

  • Im not real sure what you final point and position was but when you get right down to it almost everyone on planet earth believes in reincarnation to some degree.

  • Reincarnation is not a Christian belief. Jesus said it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. He did not say many times to live and die. Only once.

  • If you’re messing with hinduism at some point a person does descend to the places of torment according to their belief….who in the heck would want to come back here anyway?

  • I love the thought of an afterlife where you are reunited with loved ones passed. This had certainly helped me deal with death and letting go alot easier…. I could never think we were just an “empty shell” without a soul. A soul is energy, so it must live on right??

  • You know when your really bored and have nothing to do and everything seems to slow down. We’ll thats the feeling of death to me and that would sux if thats rest of existence so if im lucky and come back as cow I could kick some whipper snappers over when they cow tipping.

  • I dont know what your talking about, but death is death. And if you’re trying to pretty it up and make it happy try telling that to any war veteran.

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