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thelema postive and negatives about the religion?

I have been warned to be careful.that thelema believers use people for there energies and people with special abilities. i have been studying thelema..And from what i could tell that there is a dark side to thelema religion.And i have seen light as well. But i don’t know if what i was told was true or not. am I being used or is what i’m experiencing is good or bad or is it a illusion
P.s. i need someone that know about the religion. If you don’t know about the religion please don’t comment. thank you
do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. how can someone say a religion is not bad if someone can rape a child and it is ok. because that is there will to do. how is this different from anarchy. as there is no moral code…… explain please


  1. 93.
    Hi. I am a Thelemite.
    No, we don’t use people for their energy. That’s silly, as not all of us even believe in the energy model of magick. Second, “Every Man and Woman is a Star.” While we may not have a pacifist outlook, it is generally agreed that if a person is not affecting you, that you should just leave them alone.
    Er as an addition to the paragraph, did you happen to mean our idea of sex magick? If so, then look more up on the topic.
    There is no dark side to Thelema. In Thelema we find morality to be restriction, and thus “Sin.” To us the only “Evil,” thing is something which distracts you from doing your True Will, which could be anything, including things you love.
    I commend you for actually knowing what Thelema is, but I would ask you please keep Osirian morality out of it.
    EDIT:Okay, I will explain in regards to your details.
    Well, anyone can rape a child, but there are CONSEQUENCES. For example, there are governing bodies in place to prosecute and discourage said action. You seem to be mistaking Will as something positive, when it is not. Will is Will, and since there are many Stars to have a Will it is invariable they will clash. In the child rape case you present, if it is Tom’s Will to rape a kid, then it is very likely Tom’s Will in a few years is to die.
    Here is a copy of Liber Oz
    In that case, the Child has the right to “Kill,” [This is a vague term, the child could prosecute instead] Tom.
    Okay, Thelema does not necessarily encourage the type of anarchy you are thinking of. A moral code is unnecessary in our view as each individual person can and should determine what is right and wrong for them. Thinking people need a moral code, to us, is akin to thinking humans are children that need to be told what to do and what not to do. I think a moral code is demeaning to people, just like I consider forcing little boys to wear dresses is demeaning.
    If you put your e-mail available I could explain a bit better, as this is very impersonal.

  2. I don’t know any Thelemites who would do the heinous act you mentioned. To my knowledge, they would view this as taking away the free will of another, and their religion is based on free will. Yes, explore your own free will, but not while taking away the free will of another.
    Maybe I’m reading them wrong, but they seem pretty affable to me.

  3. Thelema is not necessarily a religion. There are many thelemites that are non-theistic, and non-religious. and there are thelemites who do not believe in or accept the supernatural….there are even thelemites that do not accept reincarnation. The “gods and goddesses” of Thelema are considered (by most, I think) to be archtypes, not actual gods/goddesses.


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