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thelema and the order of the golden dawn? im confused with the connection…?

ok,from what i know of thelema i got the idea it has very little to do with the order of the golden dawn but then it seems it come from th order or it is the same thing as the order? im confused can you enlighten me(no pun intended).


  1. …stop! take a deep breath, now exhale slowly – what you seek is compassion in the order for all to enjoy and having contentment…
    …again go through Life with a goal to achieve personal satisfaction with a willingness of sharing it with others…

  2. Thelema is “Will”. It is my understanding that Thelema was
    a Conceptual Understanding that was (or was attempted to
    be) codified by Aliester Crowley after he’d gotten involved
    in Ceremonial Magick. Regrettably I cannot recall exactly
    when he developed this. I THINK it was after he’d started
    or become involved in the OTO.
    Crowley was also heavily involved with the Golden Dawn
    for a period of time. He was a prolific writer and it’s no
    surprise to me that you’d detect his style of writing and
    tend to “blend” the awareness. Much of this material
    is complex and it can take quite some time before
    someone can “keep it straight” enough to “navigate”
    with any degree of confidence through the texts.


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