Home Discussion Forum Theists when did your particular consciousness begin?

Theists when did your particular consciousness begin?

If at conception, then why is it that you think it cannot end?
Hell, you even seem to think that your foolish self-fulfilled apocalypse with obliterate most of humanity’s collective consciousness, because you solipsistically think that sizable part of it is garbage, so what makes you think your individual/particular consciousness is so special?
Jσαииα єνє JPA, wow you don’t think much of your self do you?


  1. My soul was born a very long time ago, my conciousness of this life began at conception. I am no more special than anyone else on this planet, we are all equal.
    Are you trying to confuse people with long words? Nice tactics, I might use that one =)

  2. There’s a fundamental flaw with your question, and I must suppose that you don’t see it.
    Our memory is not the same thing as our consciousness. I can’t remember anything before about two years of age, and precious little before three; but I was certainly responding to stimulus and learning speech prior to that time.


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